Unauthorized 'Windows Self-Healing Tool' app could cause more harm than good

Microsoft | Aug 21, 2016 | Master3395

As the Windows 10 Anniversary Update rolls out to PCs around the world, many are bound to not only get new features the update packs, but also run into a few problems, like the much-talked about freezing problem, upon installation. With this in consideration, a program called 'Windows Self-Healing Tool' has been recently circulating on several technology news websites, posing itself as a fix to any problems associated with Windows 10. However, it seems that the software might not be legitimate after all.

According to Ed Bott of ZDNet, the tool does not do anything to solve problems in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and is an unauthorized software developed within Microsoft. In his investigation, he initially found out through the file's properties that the program had been developed by 'Microsoft Mobile Oy' in the year 2015. Bott points out that this Microsoft subsidiary has been almost disbandedalready, which raises the first issue with the tool.


Also, while he found out that program is indeed being distributed on Microsoft's servers, Bott further states that it does not have anything to do with the recently launched Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and was apparently only built by a single tech, without any authorization from the Windows Support group.

Moreover, the 'self-healing' app reportedly only runs a number of Powershell commands, automating a set of tasks in resetting a Windows 10 device. Bott further noticed that the app looks a lot like theDevice Recovery Tool used for Windows phones.

In a report by Pureinfotech, the program was suggested to Windows Insider 'MarkMazzetti' after he contacted the company over the widespread freezing issue on Windows 10 AU. Microsoft Support reportedly said that the software was created to resolve such an issue. Upon running the tool, he claims that the freezing has stopped. However, he now supposedly gets random flashes on his Surface Book's screen.

While no surefire fix for the freezing issues on the Windows 10 Anniversary Update has been discovered as of yet, we advise our readers to steer clear from using the app, and wait for further official announcements from Microsoft, in order to prevent PCs from running into more issues.

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