Twitter suspended 235 000 terrorist accounts - has made the service easier to use

IT | Aug 18, 2016 | Master3395

This has changed.

Twitter has received harsh criticism, to suspend people based on what appears to be political motives.

- We have improved

But if nothing else, they shall simultaneously be commended for that they are now trying to stop terrorist accounts. IS and other Islamic terrorist groups use namely Twitter to spread their hate ideology

Since June last year shall Twitter together have weeded out 360,000 accounts that helped to spread terror-supporting and spreading propaganda against the West. 235 000 accounts are barred for the same reason since February.

The company also reports that they are far quicker to act against such accounts.

"We have also made improvements so that it is harder for banned people to come back immediately, according to those in a blog post."

new features

While they report better measures against terrorist propaganda, they have introduced new features for users, including to enable notifications only to users you are interested in hearing from.


Auto filter

An automatic quality filter is rolled out simultaneously with the new feature.

When the filter is filled stream of what is hopefully the quality content. Duplicate tweets removed when this feature is turned on, but does not filter content from people you follow or accounts you've recently been in contact with.

New filter features to come in the future.


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