Mar 9, 2020

The iPhone 12 may come in October

Not enough iPhone 11 models in the US to saturate the market.

Not enough iPhone 11 models in the US to saturate the market.

It is reported that New York City is experiencing a shortage of iPhone 11 models.

Every day increase the chances of iPhone 12 being exposed
March 5, we were able to report that Apple does not have enough iPhone models due to the coronavirus - now this is backed up, and specifically, the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro mentioned in the new report. Stores are empty or have very little stock left.

We've been cautious about predicting product releases in the future as the situation around virus spread in Asia is unclear, but we know that Apple is already having trouble completing its new iPhone models because they don't have easy access to China as under a normal situation.

Now that we read March on the calendar and the fact that the virus situation is still far away from what can be called control, the chances are that the iPhone 12 will be delayed from September to October, or later.

iPhone SE 2 (iPhone 9) can be delayed for several months
Well-known analysts, who have spoken with an expert on Apple's production systems, now warn that the iPhone 12 5G and "iPhone SE 2" may be delayed for a month, and the latter may be delayed for a few months. Why SE 2 is potentially exposed longer is unknown.

Not only is there a problem with production, but probably people's buying desire is far from optimal, according to the same source.

If they manage to increase production again in April or May, Apple may not be in trouble, but if this does not happen, a delay is almost guaranteed.

Hon Hai, who puts together iPhones, believes their Chinese factories will return to normal operation again this month. It is difficult to understand how they can know this, as the situation as mentioned is still not under control.

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