Mar 1, 2020

You will hardly miss this Messenger feature

The new design is being rolled out.

The new design is being rolled out.

Are you a frequent user of the Messengers 'Explore' tab? Not?

Removing "Explore"
Today, the chat application has three tabs at the bottom of the screen: "Chatter," "People," and "Explore." But now the latter disappears from the service - Facebook confirms to TechCrunch.

A new design that reflects the change will be rolled out over the next few days. Several should already have access to the "new" design.

Focuses more on "Stories"
Facebook has a stated goal of making Messenger faster and easier to use, which is why the company is now removing features that add no special user value.

In addition to the Explore tab disappearing, Messenger will allow more space for the Snapchat-inspired "History" feature.

The new design looks like this:

Have you got the new Messenger version?

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