Dec 26, 2019

Admits delay time as still a problem: - Local gambling is best, simply

It reports the XCloud gang to Microsoft.

It reports the XCloud gang to Microsoft.

Microsoft seems to be cautious with its promises of xCloud, its commitment to game streaming.

In a recent interview with Game Informer, developers working with xCloud boast about how easy it is for game developers to make their games playable on the service while being a bit more reserved in terms of delay time or latency.

Not a replacement at this time
For example, Vice President of Project xCloud, Kareemi Choudhry, was ready to emphasize that the delay time should not be anywhere at first - it will be a nuisance, and the main focus is rather on ensuring that performance is consistent and at a high level.

It is supported under the support of Phil Spencer, the Xbox boss himself. According to him, cloud streaming of games is not a good substitute for local hardware gaming at this time:

- The best thing to play is local hardware, simply. Streaming is a practical solution, and it is the technology you use to play when away from your main console.

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