Advanced Warfare Tycoon

Roblox Game Review | Aug 9, 2016 | Master3395

dvanced Warfare Tycoon is a game created by UNSC simulations which is a development game team on roblox. Advanced Warfare Tycoon lets you create your own base starting off with a tier 1 HQ which provides you with power. Once you join the game you are also provided with enough credits to build a tier 1 landing pad which is used to collect credits to build other items in the game.
This tycoon is different to most as it doesn’t seem to follow the standard template most roblox tycoons follow. This game has nice user interfaces with descriptions of items appearing when hovered over with the cursor, the landing pads have been animated to move the crane every time a new supply box is ready which is a small but nice touch to the game.
As a player you have the ability to choose where on the allocated land for your base you want to build units, with a variety of units to build available this can be useful as you can place defences such as machine turrets in strategic places to protect your base.
The style of this game will seem very familiar to a lot of people playing this game, what’s because the guns, buildings, and vehicles in this game are all replicas of units from Halo Wars, a game available on the xbox 360. This could create some copyright issues if this tycoon becomes really popular on roblox.
The weapons in this game as high detail brick created which also shows that there has been a lot of time and effort dedicated to crating this game as well as showing there development team’s building skill.
However not everything about is tycoon is great, the long waiting time to receive credits from the landing pads takes a long time, even for a tycoon game, this can become frustrating and leave you little to do during the start of the game where you have a really low amount of credits to spend, this can be especially frustrating when another player with a maxxed out base comes along in a combat ready helicopter and annihilates you.
Overall this is a game worth playing, you can play it here: Expanded Warfare Tycoon

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Author: Master3395


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