Aug 26, 2019

Now PewDiePie has made it the only person: 100 million followers

Here is YouTube's tribute.

Here is YouTube's tribute.

Swedish Felix Kjellberg, as the first person in the history of the network, has managed to hijack 100 million followers - that's a record for solo broadcasts like his.

First with 100 million as a solo production
He lost as well as known to the Indian T-Series to reach the same goal (they managed it on May 31 this year), but it's not a one-man thing, like PewDiePie's channel, so this is quite impressive, not least considering second place has 60 million (5-Minute Crafts).

It is also clear that Kjellberg's focus on once again producing Minecraft clips is what catches the most with 10 million views after a week and sometimes after just a few days.

YouTube needs to be covered Kjellberg
It also means that YouTube still has to do its best to stay on Kjellberg, which they have disagreed with over a number of different situations over the past couple of years.

Anyway, Google / YouTube has to do what they can so that their biggest personality doesn't disappear into a competing platform like Ninja did with Amazon Twitch when he stuck to Microsoft Mixer.

Watch YouTube's tribute to "Pewds" and his very first upload, of course, a Minecraft clip:

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