All Chromium browsers now get better integration with Windows 10

General | Jul 20, 2019 | Master3395

"All" gets better thanks to new Microsoft Edge.

With its entry into the Chromium world, Microsoft has been a great provider to the browser platform we are well acquainted with, including Google Chrome. The latest news means that all Chromium-based browsers are now getting closer to Windows 10.

One of several changes
In the latest Canary version of Chromium's browsers, one finds the modern printing interface. Those who use the latest Canary edition should already have the new design, but on the Edge browser one has to wait a little longer.

The printer design is one of several changes Microsoft has introduced to Chromium. Last month, it became clear that the company was completely open to implementing the spell checker from Windows 10 in Chromium browsers, so that both Chrome and Opera, in addition to several, have replaced Hunspell if they wish.

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