Facebook Will Soon Let You Earn Money From Your Posts

IT | Aug 2, 2016 | Master3395

Mark Zuckerberg has realised Facebook’s power to experiment with new ideas to generate content and revenue. According to a news report, Facebook is testing new ways to allow the individual users to earn money from their posts. It indicates how aggressively Facebook is moving ahead to become a more dominant force in real-time sharing.

Facebook is now looking for new ways to make monetization of different aspects of Facebook a priority and become the biggest force in the tech world. Recently, the company allowed all publishers to use the Instant Articles platform and show ads to the readers.

As a similar policy change, a new survey was recently spotted by The Verge that hints at the future prospects of Facebook allowing its users to make some profit from their posts on the social network.
The user survey indicates that Facebook users could make money or promote a cause with the help of different options. Users can include a tip jar, share branded content, and take a portion of the ad revenue Facebook earns from their posts.

It was also reported that Facebook could also ask the users to use a ‘call to action’ button to direct the visitors to donations, some sponsored marketplace, or other monetization schemes.


At the moment, Facebook doesn’t allow the individual users to earn money by posting any content on Facebook. It has allowed the news publishers to make money using its platform by rolling out more tools and ad formats.

In past couple of years, Facebook has emerged as an advertising giant and the business of online news has never been forgiving. According to a recent survey, in the first quarter of 2016, 85 cents of every dollar spent on online advertising goes to Facebook or Google.

Facebook has the power to experiment with new ideas to generate content and revenue. It has realised its potential as a game changer and is busy twisting and making the new rules of internet marketing.

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