Firefox Update - now release the authentication bustle

General | Apr 10, 2019 | Master3395

Coming in beta today.

Mozilla has now started rolling out an update that fixes a loophole many malicious spammers used to spam you with authentication requests.

Limits the number of messages the website can provide
Currently, the change is only to be found on Firefox Nightly, which is the beta application of the browser, intended to test new features and bug fixes. The change is expected to take effect for other users as of July once.

If you are not familiar with the troublesome requests then this is an infinite number of messages that typically occur in fake technical support pages. The queries are not removed no matter how many you cross.

In the new version, Firefox has overcome this problem by only allowing two such messages, so sites no longer have the ability to spam your computer the same way.

Have you experienced this in Firefox before?

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