Apr 7, 2019

Google doesn't want you to do this

Now you need to allow unauthorized sources every time in Android Q.

Now you need to allow unauthorized sources every time in Android Q.

In 2017, when Android Oreo 8.0 came, it became a little more difficult to install content from sources outside the Play Store.

Will give you the chance to change your mind
Android Q now seems to make it even more difficult. Noida, it's far from impossible to install things from unauthorized sources, but Google obviously wants you to think carefully before doing so. Certainly both one, two and three times.

As it is today, ie on Android Oreo and Pie, you get the following message when you try to install apps outside of Google Play:

‹For your own safety, your phone does not allow you to install unknown apps from this source›.

However, to install, go to the settings and specifically allow installations from that source. Once you have chosen to allow the source, this setting will be permanently set.

This is not the case in Android Q Beta 1 and Beta 2. There you have to manually allow the source every time you try to install something from it.

"Allow from this source" is disabled after each installation from an unknown source.

You will also get the message "Your phone and your personal data are more vulnerable to attack by unknown apps" each time you access the page where you can allow installation from unknown sources.

Bug or conscious?
Whether it's a bug or a conscious choice from Google's side is not known, but it can certainly be the latter. By doing so, Google can potentially prevent users from installing apps from insecure sources.

It will be exciting to see if Google lets this remain.

What do you think of the change?

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