Oslo first in the world with wireless electric car charging

General | Mar 26, 2019 | Master3395

First off are the taxis.

Oslo municipality, in collaboration with Finnish Fortum and American Momentum Dynamics, has revealed that they have an exciting project going on: wireless charging plates that are installed under the cars.

Oslo first with exciting technology
In the first instance, taxis will benefit from technology while waiting for customers and could pull up to 75 kW.

By 2023, the plan is for all Oslo taxis to be emission-free:

"The future is electric and it is already here. Wireless charging is a potential "game changer". From 2023, all taxis in Oslo will provide zero emissions. Together with the taxi industry, we want to make sure that the shift is as user-friendly and efficient as possible. Oslo will always be first with innovation, and we are happy to work with two of the industry's most progressive players in this push to launch the world's most ambitious wireless charging plan for a taxi fleet, "says Oslo's electric car project manager, Sture Portvik.

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Sources: ABC News

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