The Razr phone probably makes a comeback - this time with a great news

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A foldable unit is completely different from Galaxy Fold and Mate X.

Like many other mobile manufacturers, Motorola has become interested in foldable devices. The company has nevertheless chosen to be relatively silent about the development of such a unit.

Towards Engadget, Motorola's Vice President, Dan Dery, now facilitates the veil and talks about the company's ambitions for the first time.

- We started working with foldable units long ago. And since then we have been through many variations.

Will not be late for the party
The Wall Street Journal has suggested that Motorola's foldable will be released in late February, but it doesn't seem to happen. But it is not certain we have to wait so long.

- We have no intention of coming later than the others into the market, says Dery.

What is a bit exciting with Motorola's foldable is that it will probably differ from the devices we have seen from Samsung and Huawei. Motorola's variant is likely to be a flip phone with a large internal screen that can be folded together. The whole thing will be reminiscent of a traditional Razr phone - just that this time the screen is solid and foldable.

- To easily scratch the screen
Dery also says that Motorola has explored several design variants for a foldable display, including a single screen that can be folded twice.

The reason why the company does not choose to go for a similar solution like Samsung and Huawei is the panel's vulnerability.

- We have tested a pastic OLED unit with a plastic film on top. But the fact that you touch this type of screen with your nails makes you scratch it up. The screen gets a very short life, it starts to die as soon as you have packed it out of the box. But the screen is beautiful. The first day is beautiful, says Dery.

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