Forget the "edit" button, the Twitter manager has another idea

IT | Feb 25, 2019 | Master3395

Sounds brilliant.

In an interview with Joe Rogan, the Twitter manager recently told us that Twitter is considering making it possible to edit Twitter messages where one can see the original next to the changes made.

Clarification of messages
During an event, the tone was slightly different, and Jack Dorsey instead talked about a "clarify" feature, rather than returning to older Twitter messages to add an explanation or clarification.

The function can be brilliant in cases where you have written a message on the platform that has gone viral but which, for example, can be misunderstood in some way. With the new feature, such situations can easily be avoided by a clarification that preserves the original message as well.

Provides a better picture of the context
The Twitter manager himself explained that such a function revives a message on the platform while adding more context, but at the same time tells that there is no guarantee that the feature will be introduced. It would not have been the first feature ever spoken of and never implemented: editing has been suggested for several years without the social media having introduced it.

What do you want on Twitter - edit button or clarification?

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