Skype now lets you make the background fuzzy

Microsoft | Feb 11, 2019 | Master3395

New AI feature launched to the PC release of the program.

Although services like FaceTime and video calls in Messenger have stolen many users from Skype, the latter is still popular in many parts of the world, not least in business.

And now the Microsoft-owned program has a new Skype feature on the nap. This week, a new version of the service is launched, with an ever small AI feature.

Focus on you
Imagine sitting in front of the camera and talking to someone, but suddenly you realize that the background is not completely optimal.

Maybe the dinner plate is still on the table. or the toys of the pod are strewn across the floor. With the new Skype feature, you can now make the background fuzzy, so that only you are clearly visible in the video stream.

Not for mobile
The AI ​​function can be activated from the video button in Skype and works the same as in Microsoft Teams.

The technology recognizes hair, arms, and legs and can in this way weed out anything else that is not important in the picture.

Currently, only the PC version supports the feature, if it comes to mobile, is not known.

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