You can connect this thin screen to almost anything

General | Jan 16, 2019 | Master3395

The Lapscreen is almost a perfect traveling companion.

More and more devices use the USB C standard, and now there is a lot of new enhancement that uses the technology.

Thin USB-C monitor
One such product was featured during this year's CES in Las Vegas. The Lapscreen is an external monitor that can be connected to USB-C devices. For example, it can be used as an extra display for your smartphone, tablet, or PC. The screen comes in both a standard version and a touch variant.

It has a 12.5 ”1080p resolution panel. You only need a USB-C cable to connect it to other devices. This cable delivers both sound, image, and power, so you do not need any extra Lapscreen charger. However, you will be able to use HDMI as it is included.

The lapscreen is also quite thin. The screen portion itself is only 4 millimeters thick and is far from a bulky unit to carry on the go. There is also a lot of thought behind this screen - it should be portable.

The screen is the size of a small stack of A4 sheets.

Strange that it lacks this
We do, of course, support the fact that the company does not have the cost of the product screen support. As it is delivered from the box, it must lie flat on the table, which in many cases is far from optimal. A small device that could be allowed to use the screen in portrait mode, had not been too much to demand, we think.

We must make sure that the next generation comes with this.

The price of this neat thing is $ 200 ($ 1700) for the standard model and $ 265 ($ 2200) for the one with touch screen.

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