Have you got weird recommendations on YouTube in recent months?

General | Jan 12, 2019 | Master3395

Now the problem must be fixed.

Reddit users have in recent months expressed the frustration of YouTube's way of displaying video recommendations - where these videos are often irrelevant to the user.

Have fixed the problem
Some of the users complained that they are getting gaming-related content that does not match their favorites, while in one case one complained about having received fitness-related content after viewing a Runescape video. After all the complaints, YouTube has had to clean up: in a post, a YouTube representative has confirmed the problem and is now being fixed.

Same problem last year
It's not the first time the video giant has got users on the neck as a result of video recommendations: in early 2018 they were again criticized for recommending videos that were completely irrelevant to a bunch of users. Now it's finally fixed, and the Google-owned company asks users to shout out if they encounter the problem again.

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