Do you have enough disk space? So many GB will soon taken by Windows 10

Microsoft | Jan 11, 2019 | Master3395

Therefore, this happens from the next update.

Windows 10 19H1, which is the working name (1903), will add up to 7GB, or more, of disk space. The update is expected in the spring.

Make it easier for most people
Space is reserved so that updates are installed without error messages, according to Microsoft.

For the reason they do this, if you do not have room to install an update, you will receive an error message today. By guaranteeing space for updates, the system is made safer for less experienced users.

Becoming a challenge for 32 and 64GB devices
If there is still not enough space, 1903 will ask you to plug in a USB plug or delete files.

"Reserved Storage" can be tested with Windows 10 test version 18298 or later.

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Sources: ZDNet

Author: Master3395


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