Microsoft patent reveals magnetic USB-C port

Microsoft | Jan 4, 2019 | Master3395

Should the company finally embrace USB-C?

The USB-C has many advantages, including much faster data transfer and simultaneous charging of devices. It's the new standard technology companies should, and should, switch to as fast as possible.

A bit like MagSafe?
To put it mildly, Microsoft has been slow in this regard. The company has not gone "all in" on USB-C until now, but a recently discovered patent from the company hints that it may be changing.

The patent describes a technology that combines magnetism and USB-C. It is easy to draw parallels to Apple's MagSafe technology, which does something the same (but doesn't have USB-C).

Also supports standard USB-C
The magnet mechanism will make it easy to connect to the charging port - while keeping it securely in place. You probably don't have to be afraid of causing a break in the wire because you stumble in it - a feature we like very well with magnetism.

According to the patent, the magnetic gate will also support ordinary USB-C cables. So it may indicate that we get the best from two worlds.

The patent application was filed in 2017, but approved in 2018. Thus, it is allowed to hope that Microsoft will seriously embrace USB-C in its next Surface products.

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