This is how Windows 10 stops thieves from tampering with your settings

Microsoft | Dec 31, 2018 | Master3395

Security is improved.

Microsoft has in the latest 19H1 version of Windows 10 added a couple of new security features.

In the Windows Security section, two new tabs have now appeared: Tamper Protection and Protection History.

Tamper Protection
This feature is an additional protection mechanism that ensures that no-one can make changes to your security settings. This should keep hackers, thieves and other unauthorized persons away.

The description of the function sounds like this:

"Prevents others from tampering with important security settings"

Protection History
Microsoft also updates Protection History in the Windows 10 security app. Here you will find in-depth information on threats discovered by Windows Defender Antivirus.

You will also get tips on what to do to prevent you from being exposed to such threats.

These changes in security settings will come into effect for the public next spring, but already so-called Insiders access.

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Sources: Bleeping Computer

Author: Master3395


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