This Apple patent can be very good news for Touch ID lovers

Apple | Dec 22, 2018 | Master3395

Face ID or Touch ID? Yes, thanks, both.

People are probably split when you prefer Touch ID or Face ID, although the majority probably lean on the latter, representing modern technology, to a greater extent a fingerprint reader introduced for the first time with the iPhone 5S.

Displays both in use
A newly registered Apple patent can be a piece of great news for those who like both or prefer Touch ID rather than face recognition. The patent states that Apple can plan both Touch ID and Face ID. The illustrations show that the attempt to unlock the phone with Face ID has failed and that you are offered the option to use Touch ID instead.

Illustration with old hardware
It should be said that the illustrations show old hardware with a home button, but this is not unlike Apple - besides, there is no iPhone with Face ID and home button to date. If it becomes a reality in the future, you can be reasonably sure that the fingerprint reader technology is implemented on the screen.

On one page, it is easy to encourage this with a pinch of salt as Apple often patent technology that is never implemented in real life, but at the same time, it is not entirely foreign technology with fingerprint readers in monitors either.

Do you think Apple combines Face ID and Touch ID in future iPhone models?

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Sources: 9to5Mac, Patently Apple

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