The update that provides long-awaited design improvements

Microsoft | Dec 4, 2018 | Master3395

New Windows 10-build halfway available now.

Every Wednesday, those included in the Insider program to Microsoft for early Windows 10 updates get access to new features to be implemented for other users. This time they have got a claw in fine design changes with the introduction of build 18290.

More upgrades
It's mainly design changes, attention is drawn to the new preview for Fast Ring participants, as well as some small improvements otherwise. Here are the changes in Windows 10 Insider Preview build 18290:

Design improvements in the Start menu
As a continuation of the list of improvements in build 18282, Microsoft has polished startup and user menus, including icons for easier identification.

Synchronized clock
Based on feedback, Microsoft has introduced an opportunity in date and time settings to manually synchronize your watch with the time server.

This is helpful in situations where it is suspected that the clock is not properly synchronized. It has now been added information about the last time the time was synchronized successfully as well as the current time server address.

Other improvements include that you now have an overview of which applications are using the microphone. To do this, just hover over the microphone icon - here Microsoft says that they're still working on new features to give the user the most control.

Search and Cortana will now provide a better experience: Microsoft has implemented improvements for search by providing recent activities with larger rooms, supporting the bright theme that was recently introduced. Search filters should also be more readily available, and Microsoft says that they have more details about this as they will show up later - while asking users for feedback on how they experience search and Cortana.

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