Now you have alternative ways to log in to your Microsoft account

Microsoft | Nov 28, 2018 | Master3395

Windows Hello and PIN.

Microsoft has previously been aggressive in introducing new ways to verify identity, such as when they introduced the opportunity to log in to different websites with fingerprints and face recognition in the summer. In version 1809 of Windows 10, the possibilities are expanded.

Windows Hello and FIDO2 solution
With a final arrival of the new Windows 10 version, new opportunities for Microsoft login are presented so you do not have to type your password every time you check emails or buy an Xbox game.

Now, the Windows Hello Face Detection and Fingerprint option is also presented as an option to log in to your Microsoft account, as well as support for FIDO2-based solutions. Microsoft assumes that these new logon methods do not make you more vulnerable to phishing attacks or malicious software as it requires activity from your site in the form of face recognition or tasting of a PIN.

Expands eventually
So far, this applies only to personal private accounts while looking at the opportunity to expand this to both job and student accounts eventually, with a trial solution in early 2019.

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