This company is not far away to know everything about you

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The world's most valuable AI start-up.

The Chinese launch company SenseTime has sales contracts with major institutions around the world in addition to Chinese authorities in their not-so-secret approach to a panoptic society where the government is responsible for full surveillance over its citizens. Behind the back, SenseTime has highly resource-intensive asset managers who have invested billions of dollars in the company that is on their way to pick up smart camera everywhere.

Technology from the top shelf
The company, which was launched four years ago, now sells artificial intelligence software that identifies both individuals and objects, as well as providing details and fairly accurate observations about these.

In a Bloomberg tour, you'll find details about a panel that works like a digital mirror - the embedded camera analyzes your face to estimate your age and gives you a score of how attractive you are.

Yep, higher points if you smile.


Another panel shows a real-time intersection - here too, SenseTime shines its top-shelf technology, with text boxes that show the information that is retrieved from the elements in the image.

The detection algorithm marks different elements in different color codes and can, for example, provide information about gender, clothing, age and the like. In addition, you get information about the cars that cross the picture, the speed of the cars and the indication of the direction they are driving.

Valued at tens of billion
The company is valued at nearly $ 5 billion and has so far been awarded contracts with major companies across industries and industries at all from telephone manufacturers, commercial centers and police departments who use their technology to analyze camera surveillance materials.

The technology department, on the other hand, raises important ethical issues in which they expand and enter into partnerships across different industries. Managing Director, Xu Li, says that SenseTime's technology intelligence technology is more considerate compared with traditional camera surveillance, as data collection is now termed passive, which is mostly the machine that monitors.

Triple income
Investors include, among others, Alibaba, Qualcomm, and Silver Lake. The company is looking very ambitious in the future, with forecasts showing tripled revenue this year. SenseTime has employed 2200 so far and appears to employ even more in the time to come.

It will be very interesting to keep up with the developments at SenseTime and other companies that focus heavily on applied artificial intelligence, while still becoming new ethical questions they must answer.

What do you think the authorities can have full monitoring over the citizens?

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Sources: Bloomberg

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