PR companies were hired by Facebook to write negative about rivals

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Mark Zuckerberg claims he was ignorant.

Facebook has made a difficult year behind it. Hacker scandals, Cambridge Analytica and charges of Russian interference are just a few of the issues that have characterized the news.

Now there is more information that can testify of critical circumstances within the company.

The New York Times published an article on Wednesday revealing that Facebook should have used a public relations company to write a host of critical articles about its rivals - including Google and Apple.

Anti Facebook movement
The PR company, Definers Public Affairs, should also have helped to promote the idea that liberal billionaire financier George Soros was behind an ever-increasing anti-Facebook move.

The New York Times writes:

"The company should have written articles that hurt Google and Apple, while they dimmed the influence of Russian interference on Facebook. These articles were published on NTK Network, an affiliate of the company, where content is often followed by political conservatives, including Breitbart.

The PR company should also have pressured journalists to investigate George Soro's financial ties to groups who witnessed Facebook during the July congressional hearing.

Zuckerberg: - Not true
In a blog post published Thursday morning, Facebook writes that they have terminated the collaboration with Definers Public Affairs. Facebook also denies having given orders to write articles. Mark Zuckerberg claims he did not know about the PR company's activities.

"From what I can see, this is not true, We have never asked them to spread something that's not true. It's not the way we want to operate," said Zuckerberg.

In a statement, Definers says the following:

"Our PR experts worked with Facebook and the media to help them with policy changes and news announcements."

Beyond that, they deny being behind what is referred to as a smear campaign against Facebook's rivals.

CNBC also writes that Qualcomm, who has been in countless controversies with Apple, may collaborate with Definers.

Qualcomm has so far not commented on the charges.

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Sources: CNBC News, New York Times

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