This is how Nintendo will keep you as a customer

General | Nov 18, 2018 | Master3395

Scheduling expansion packages after launch.

After the presentation of their quarterly report, Nintendo held a question round as they usually do. In this, it emerged how Nintendo plans to keep both Switch and the most popular games in the spotlight after the original launch.

Downloadable content
Early in the question around, the Nintendo boss is asked about their game pricing strategy, for example, that some game publishers choose to lower the prices after launch to keep sales up.

Furukawa says that the plan is to build on major flagship titles like Zelda and Mario in the form of extras and packages, as these big games are the reason why people buy the console at all.

The plan is incompatible with Nintendo's way of operating so far because the company has rarely released downloadable content after a game release - so it's interesting to see what they can cheer up within the time to come.

Nintendo Switch Online
Their newly introduced online service was also addressed during the question around. On launch, Furukawa thinks it's solid, but it's in a start-up phase where the company will eventually offer more incentives for people to commit to it.

In addition, the boss is positively tuned to the cross-platform in the future, saying that he is open for as long as the game developers want such a way to find their way to their game. He despite this denying that Nintendo himself has any such plans for his own games in the near future.

Here you can read all the questions and answers, translated into English.

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