Microsoft confirms Windows 10 errors

Microsoft | Nov 14, 2018 | Master3395

Pro licenses are incorrectly disabled.

If you've had trouble on your Windows machine lately, you're not alone.

License not enabled
There have been several messages on Reddit and other forums from people with Windows 10 Pro today who have experienced problems with their license. There are reports that Windows 10 Pro is not enabled, with the recommendation to install Windows 10 Home instead.

In many cases, it appears that the problem occurs in people who received the update for free in 2015, and it is speculated that the problem is related to this.

Microsoft confirms
In retrospect, Microsoft has quickly expired to confirm that they are familiar with the issue, linking problems with the servers for activation. They say that the problem will be corrected in the days to come.

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Sources: Microsoft Community, Forums, Reddit

Author: Master3395


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