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New Design!

General|Feb 22, 2021

Hello everyone, we have a new design! [more]


10,000 already use Musk Internet

General|Feb 10, 2021

Early success for a new way to reach the webThis is a small portable dish that automatically, including an automatic motor, finds the satellite to connect to. [more]

These are the first Intel GPUs, but they are not meant for gamers

General|Jan 28, 2021

It's been a while since we wrote about DG1, the code name for the GPU that now comes from Intel in collaboration with Asus. [more]

Now PC gamers are taking revenge, shattering Playstation 5

IT|Jan 17, 2021

Intel Z490 chipsets and Rocket Lake CPUs deliver dizzyingly good SSD performance. [more]

Intel goes down the throat on Face ID

General|Jan 10, 2021

Intel launches a new face recognition unlocking system. RealSense ID will take up the fight with Apple's Face ID, which has long been the safest face recognition for mobile. [more]

Microsoft tried to trade Nintendo: then they broke out in laughter

Microsoft|Jan 9, 2021

Nintendo has always done its own thing, they are Japanese. We should probably be happy that they were not traded by Microsoft. [more]

Microsoft expands anti-IE tack, compels 1,000 sites to open in Edge

Microsoft|Oct 28, 2020

Beginning with the release of Edge 87 in November, Microsoft plans to push more than 1,000 websites away from Internet Explorer to the much newer Edge browser. [more]

Top web browsers 2020: Chrome takes a punch, Firefox stays alive

IT|Oct 6, 2020

September wasn't a good month for Google's Chrome browser, which saw a decline in user share; Microsoft's Edge, however, won over some converts. [more]

Microsoft's Brad Anderson on Apple in the enterprise

Microsoft|Oct 5, 2020

During this week's JNUC event, the Microsoft VP talked about enabling enterprise-class security for Macs. [more]

What's in the latest Firefox upgrade? UI and auto-fill fresheners

General|Oct 1, 2020

Firefox 81 gets a new standard theme, better PDF skills, and can now automatically fill in credit card information. [more]

Android 11's biggest letdown

Google|Sep 28, 2020

One of Google's most promising Android advancements in ages isn't all it was originally cracked up to be. [more]

There’s something in the iPad Air for enterprise IT

Apple|Sep 17, 2020

Will the new A14 Bionic chip appear in future Macs? And how much more performance can Apple tweak from the 5nm design? [more]

This is how Microsoft's server stunt went to sea

General|Sep 15, 2020

Now they have picked up 864 of them. [more]

Facebook Debuts Third-Party Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

General|Sep 8, 2020

If the social-media behemoth finds a bug in another platform’s code, the project has 90 days to remediate before Facebook goes public.Facebook has implemented a fresh security vulnerability disclosure policy (VDP) this week – in an effort to explain how it decides when and... [more]

Apple sets scene for 5G ‘for the rest of us’

Apple|Sep 7, 2020

A string of Apple-focused mobile network promotions suggests the company's 5G plan is now in play. [more]

6G is a hundred times faster: the target is 8000Gb / s

IT|Sep 5, 2020

Has already transferred 11GB per second [more]

Top web browsers 2020: Firefox, IE, Chrome all fall

IT|Sep 3, 2020

Firefox took the biggest market-share hit in August as Mozilla’s financial woes continue. [more]

Elon Musk's "brain interface" will be able to play memories in the future

General|Aug 30, 2020

But getting the Tesla with the brain probably comes first. [more]

What's in the latest Firefox upgrade? Nothing notable (again)

General|Aug 27, 2020

Firefox 80 is the fourth upgrade in a row that lacks compelling new features – even as the browser is struggling to attract new users. [more]

Microsoft sets new support deadlines for IE11 and Edge

Microsoft|Aug 20, 2020

With the Chromium-based version of Edge now in place, Microsoft is looking to move on from its older browsers – IE11 and the original Edge. [more]

Firefox gets next-gen anti-tracking defense, stymies 'bounce' trackers

General|Aug 9, 2020

Mozilla is rolling out a new defense against advanced tracking tactics in Firefox 79; users should get it during the next few weeks. [more]

Windows 10 PC users can confirm payments using fingerprint on Google Chrome

Microsoft|Aug 6, 2020

Google is now bringing what it calls ‘more secure’ and ‘convenient’ Autofill feature to Chrome. Simply put, Chrome wants users to fill in forms securely without any user interaction. If you are a regular Chrome user, you already know about Autofill, don’t... [more]

Numerous Malicious Photo Blur Apps Appeared On Play Store

Google|Aug 3, 2020

Researchers spotted numerous malicious photo blur apps targeting Android users. These apps actually constituted a dedicated campaign targeting users with adware. While Google removed the apps, make sure you don’t have them on your devices too. [more]

Cloudflare Outage Caused Numerous Websites To Go Down For Some Time

General|Jul 26, 2020

Last week, different websites went down in multiple states of the US. Though, people initially feared a cyber attack. However, it now turns out that the reason was actually a Cloudflare outage that affected numerous websites. [more]

Top web browsers 2020: Chrome becomes third browser ever with more than 70%

IT|Jul 13, 2020

Google's Chrome in June joined the ranks of Netscape Navigator and Microsoft's Internet Explorer, both of which once dominated the browser landscape. [more]

What's in the latest firefox 78 starts ESR ESR transition for enterprises

IT|Jul 12, 2020

The latest version of Mozilla's browser fixes 13 flaws and starts the annual process of retiring 2019's Extended Support Release and offering customers the latest enterprise-designed build. [more]

First in the world with external 8TB SSD, but for a price!

IT|Jul 2, 2020

Samsung has launched a new internal SSD. [more]

Microsoft Teams now prevents Students from joining meetings unattended

Microsoft|Jun 30, 2020

Microsoft has announced the general availability of one of the most requested features for Teams for Education that will prevent students from joining a meeting unattended in the absence of the educator. This feature will also prevent students from chatting when a teacher is not present... [more]

New Shlayer Trojan Variant Threatens Mac Devices As It Bypasses macOS Security

IT|Jun 26, 2020

Heads up Mac users. A new Mac malware has surfaced online that can infect your device sneakily. This new malware is a variant of the previously discovered Shlayer Trojan for Mac. [more]

Google meet is now free for everyone, as the pursuit of zoom continues

Google|Jun 20, 2020

Google Meet was restricted to paying G Suite users, but not anymore. [more]

Goodbye, National ‘Emergency’ Library

IT|Jun 18, 2020

Internet Archive on the verge of bankruptcy, suspends ‘National Emergency Library’ amid legal turmoil [more]

SpaceX has a month to prove Starlink is worthy of rural broadband funding

General|Jun 16, 2020

SpaceX believes it can easily beat the 100-millisecond funding cutoff. [more]

Nintendo warns 300,000 accounts have been hacked since early April

General|Jun 13, 2020

Video gaming firm Nintendo has warned customers to not reuse passwords on different services after releasing an increased tally of compromised accounts. [more]

Netflix will delete your account if you do not use it

General|May 23, 2020

And the subscription is automatically canceled after two. [more]

Apple and Google to release Coronavirus API despite privacy concerns

IT|May 20, 2020

Tech giants, Google and Apple to release Coronavirus contact-tracing API [more]

Apple is shipping single replacement AirPods with a new, unreleased firmware and people can't use them

Apple|May 19, 2020

What you need to know Apple is shipping single AirPods with a new firmware – 2D3 –installed. AirPods need to run the same firmware as each other to function. The first AirPod can't be updated because firmware 2D3 hasn't been released yet. [more]

chrome will block ads that drain your resources: how to turn it on now

Google|May 18, 2020

Why wait? How to swing the banhammer today [more]

Apple is giving up iMessage to become Messenger and Telegram competitor

Apple|May 2, 2020

In December, Apple applied for patent enforcement in the United States. [more]

Critical Vulnerability In VMware vCenter Server Threatened Information Disclosure

IT|Apr 17, 2020

VMware has disclosed another serious vulnerability affecting its vCenter Server. The vulnerability, upon exploitation, could lead to information disclosure. [more]

A Study of the top 150,000 Android Apps Reveals 12,706 to Contain a Variety of Backdoors

Google|Apr 15, 2020

A Study of the top 150,000 Android Apps Reveals 12,706 to Contain a Variety of Backdoors Once again, numerous Android apps with suspicious behavior have surfaced online. [more]

Tekya Malware Targets 1 Million Android Users Through Malicious Apps On Play Store

Google|Apr 2, 2020

While Google employs some tough policies for app developers to keep the Play Store safe, yet it never remains so. Once again, criminal hackers managed to ditch Google’s policies and flood the Play Store with malicious Android apps. This time, they target users with Tekya malware... [more]

Skype does NOT disappear

Microsoft|Apr 1, 2020

Microsoft refuses ... for the time. [more]

Sina Weibo Suffered Data Breach Exposing 538 Million Records Now On Sale

General|Mar 29, 2020

Chinese microblogging giant Sina Weibo has now made it to the news owing to a security incident. Weibo suffered a data breach exposing 538 million records. What’s concerning is that the stolen data is now for sale on the dark web. [more]

Should Microsoft do this with Windows 10?

Microsoft|Mar 26, 2020

Windows 7 Control Center in Windows 10 on the way out. [more]

Slack Patch Critical Vulnerability Allowing Automated Account Takeovers

General|Mar 22, 2020

A critical security vulnerability existed in Slack that could have lead to a massive data breach affecting its customers. Slack also fixed another vulnerability together with this one. [more]

Slack Patch Critical Vulnerability Allowing Automated Account Takeovers

General|Mar 18, 2020

A critical security vulnerability existed in Slack that could have lead to a massive data breach affecting its customers. Slack also fixed another vulnerability together with this one. [more]

Sonos removes the Recycle Mode requirement

General|Mar 7, 2020

You can still get a 30 percent discount. [more]

Should Apple really do this with the iPhone?!

Apple|Feb 24, 2020

Considering doing something radical. [more]

This Cybertruck sold out in a few hours

General|Feb 23, 2020

Launched in December. [more]

Apple is designing its own 5G antenna - probably in the iPhone 12

Apple|Feb 17, 2020

The company thinks Qualcomm's antenna is too large. [more]

Apple wants you to not have to do this manually

General|Feb 2, 2020

Now there is probably a new standardized solution. [more]

Solid EU majority for proposal for standard charging cable

IT|Feb 1, 2020

New laws can come into force in July. [more]

Avast has tracked you down and sold your surfing activity

General|Jan 29, 2020

Internal documents reveal. [more]

How to enroll in the Office Insider program if you're using Office 365 Enterprise

Tutorials|Jan 28, 2020

If you have a commercial subscription for Office 365, these are the steps you need to follow to install the latest Insider preview of Office 2016 apps. [more]

YouTube has secured a super contract

Google|Jan 27, 2020

Become an exclusive Activision Blizzard partner. [more]

Serious Facebook Glitch Temporarily Exposed Page Admin Accounts

General|Jan 16, 2020

Once again, Facebook has (unintentionally) breached users’ privacy. Facebook developed a glitch that exposed page admin accounts to the public. Though, it was a short-lived bug, people still managed to exploit it for numerous high-profile pages. [more]

New Android Trojan Kills Play Protect And Places Fake App Reviews From Infected Devices

Google|Jan 15, 2020

A new Android Trojan now threatens smartphone users. The Shopper.a Android Trojan kills Play Protect and lets the attackers place fake app reviews from infected devices. [more]

Multiple TikTok Vulnerabilities Could Exploit Or Delete Users’ Personal Data

General|Jan 12, 2020

Social media craze TikTok has now made it to the news owing to security issues. Researchers have found numerous vulnerabilities in the TikTok app that could risk users’ security. Exploiting the bugs could allow an attacker to add or delete users’ videos or alter privacy... [more]

Researchers found critical gaps in TikTok: - Security breaches are becoming epidemic

General|Jan 9, 2020

Attackers could take over accounts. [more]

Entercom Radio Suffered Outage After Cyber Attack

General|Jan 2, 2020

Popular American radio network Entercom has recently disclosed a cyber attack. While it didn’t cause severe damages, it marks the second security incident in the same year. [more]

Happy New Year!

General|Dec 31, 2019

The team at NT would like to wish our readers a Happy New Year. [more]

Buffer Overflow Exploit Discovered That Overwrites Admin Password of TP-Link Archer Routers

General|Dec 21, 2019

A serious security bug affected numerous TP-Link routers. The vulnerability in TP-Link Archer routers could allow a potential attacker to remotely take over the device. [more]

Google Chrome 79 Is Out With Password Protection And Anti-Phishing Measures

Google|Dec 16, 2019

Google has been working for quite some time to provide improved security features to Chrome users. Earlier, they launched better password protection with breach alerts. Then, they integrated this Password Protection with users’ Google accounts. Now, Google has rolled out the... [more]

Microsoft has refurbished the Windows logo and over 100 icons

Microsoft|Dec 15, 2019

Based on the "Fluent Design" principles. [more]

New iOS feature is ridiculously easy to fool

Apple|Dec 14, 2019

Embarrassing error in parental control feature. [more]

It took Nintendo just three years to beat the Xbox One

General|Dec 13, 2019

Switch: 2017 - Xbox One: 2013. [more]

Now Huawei has filed the lawsuit

General|Dec 6, 2019

Calling the authorities new sanctions "illegal". [more]

T-Mobile Reveals A Security Breach Affecting Prepaid Users

General|Nov 25, 2019

Adding one more to the count of data breaches this year, now joins the cellular firm T-Mobile. Recently, T-Mobile has disclosed a security breach impacting some of its customers. [more]

This Chrome experiment caused complete confusion

Google|Nov 16, 2019

- Do you see the consequences of this? [more]

More Adware-Delivering Android Games And Camera Apps Removed From Google Play Store

General|Nov 11, 2019

Researchers have discovered more malicious Android apps on the Play Store. They specifically noticed numerous adware-delivering Android games and camera apps that evaded Play Protect. [more]

Microsoft's new app merges Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Microsoft|Nov 6, 2019

Download test versions on iOS and Android now. [more]

Samsung Customer Finds Simple Security Glitch That Allows Authentication Bypass in Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Reader

General|Oct 17, 2019

Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Reader Glitch A customer has found a security flaw with her Samsung phone. [more]

Reveals the name of a new Windows version

Microsoft|Oct 7, 2019

It wasn't "Little" anyway. [more]

Windows 10 no longer allows you to create a local account

Microsoft|Oct 6, 2019

Unless you do this. [more]

See what Google has done with Assistant in India

General|Sep 21, 2019

Citizens can call a number and get answers to what they are wondering about. [more]

Is this the beginning of the end for Google as we know the company?

Google|Sep 10, 2019

50 states investigating for breach of monopoly laws - target the ad section. Almost all US states, except Califonia and Alabama, have started researching Google's advertising business. [more]

New Google Assistant mode turns your Android device into a smart screen

Google|Sep 9, 2019

For those who do not want to spend money on an extra screen. [more]

Eight people charged for operating illegal power sites

General|Aug 30, 2019

Hits Jetflicks and iStreamitAll. [more]

Apple really doesn't want you to change the battery of a third party

Apple|Aug 9, 2019

A scary message pops up in recent iOS. [more]

Group lawsuit against Apple: - One of the biggest scams in history

Apple|Aug 4, 2019

The company never gets rid of this case. For two years, Apple has been known to deliberately reduce the performance of older iPhone models as a way to save aging batteries. [more]


General|Jul 1, 2019

I have officially taken over the development of the DISQUS module for CMSMS [more]

Canonical turns - Ubuntu for 32-bit support anyway

General|Jun 27, 2019

At least a little while. [more]

Elon Musk will deliver the internet from space

General|May 20, 2019

Thousands of satellites are being launched with SpaceX rockets, delivering coverage to most of the world. [more]

Did you buy this one? Now they shell out for problematic microphones

Google|May 18, 2019

Up to 4000 (!) For each case of error. [more]

Next week, several Sonos owners will get a good news

General|May 15, 2019

It was about time. [more]

University Of Alaska Data Breach Exposed Personal Information Of UAOnline Students

General|May 10, 2019

Once again, a security breach has threatened the online security of students and other individuals. This time, the incident has affected the University of Alaska. As a result of this data breach, the university exposed the personal information of the victims to the potential attackers. [more]

Facebook Bans Personality Quizzes Alongside Other Notable Changes For Users’ Privacy

General|May 9, 2019

It seems the aftermath of Cambridge Analytica continues As Facebook announces new changes. The changes should come as good news for the users as the tech giant looks focused on users’ privacy. [more]

Serving Bottle on Apple Settlement

Apple|May 5, 2019

Almost 40 billion kroner. Last night, Qualcomm announced figures for the previous quarter as well as forecasting revenue for the coming quarter. From the forecasts, you get a picture of how much Apple must have paid to pay Qualcomm in connection with the settlement they made a few... [more]

The 5G boss has left Apple

General|May 2, 2019

Shortly after the agreement with Qualcomm. Ruben Caballero is the man who warned Steve Jobs that the iPhone 4 could get signal trouble, a known issue that was later referred to as an antenna agate. [more]

SpaceX rejoices over satellite approval

General|May 1, 2019

SpaceX May fly their internet satellites lower than originally planned. SpaceX is among the companies that want to use satellites to bring the internet to several parts of the world. Now the goal can be closer than ever. [more]

Intel: - We will never delay our customers for this again

IT|Apr 30, 2019

Promises to fix issues with processor supplies. But it takes time. [more]

In mid-May, these come: 9th generation i9 processors with eight cores and 16 threads

IT|Apr 20, 2019

Watches in at 2.1GHz and 35W. [more]

Laying flat after this

IT|Apr 19, 2019


The May 10 update for Windows 10 offers more "anti-cheat" trouble

Microsoft|Apr 14, 2019

Microsoft has a clear message to you who is struggling. [more]

How to force USB disks to perform better in new Windows 10

Microsoft|Apr 12, 2019

- No energy to eject the disk. [more]

New Edge may support Internet Explorer pages

IT|Apr 1, 2019

A backward compatibility feature. [more]

TEST: Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn

General|Mar 24, 2019

Is the last major title of 3DS something that should enter your 3DS library? We checked it out. [more]

Another App Store opponent: Kaspersky Lab complains to Apple

Apple|Mar 23, 2019

Spotify is not alone in the monopoly claims. [more]

Nvidia's new AI technology gives you a talent you didn't think you had

General|Mar 22, 2019

World-class artwork in just a few seconds. [more]

Working hard to preserve all public posts on Google+

Google|Mar 20, 2019

Now it will not be long. [more]

Microsoft has been tired of firewalls

Microsoft|Mar 14, 2019

The transition becomes a "game changer". [more]

Intel and Nvidia in bidding war on popular chip maker

General|Mar 12, 2019

- Nvidia ready to scroll up tens of billions. [more]

Huawei sues the United States

General|Mar 10, 2019

Reported news during the conference. [more]

Going for Twitter with patent prosecution

General|Mar 4, 2019

Following on Facebook and Snap. [more]

It's so hard to steal than Tesla and get away with it

General|Feb 28, 2019

Tracked the thief until the car ran out of power. [more]

Banned iPhone models back in German stores

Apple|Feb 21, 2019

Has changed one thing. [more]

Russia should disconnect from the entire network - will route everything via its own servers

General|Feb 16, 2019

Temporary downtime to test. [more]

This is how Apple compensates the boy who discovered the FaceTime error

Apple|Feb 12, 2019

Contributes to the boy's education. Apple has no plans to leave the 14-year-old who discovered the critical FaceTime error out of it all, now they promise to pay for the boy's education. [more]

See what patent Apple has secured for the Touch ID comeback

Apple|Feb 9, 2019

Had been great to have besides Face ID. [more]

Torrent Paradise is a decentralized "Pirate Bay"

General|Jan 25, 2019

Peter Sunde called for the technology in 2016. BitTorrent technology has been here for many years and is still very popular. Much of the reason is that the technology itself is decentralized. [more]

Xiaomi has done something ingenious with the fingerprint reader

IT|Jan 22, 2019

Gets much more effective. It appears that Chinese mobile manufacturer Xiaomi is committed to becoming the largest fingerprint reader on a smartphone after initially slowing down its competitors to acquire the technology. [more]

Mozilla Thunderbird gets faster and gets finer designs

IT|Jan 7, 2019

The Mozilla email client is upgraded. It's far from anyone who knows Mozilla's Thunderbird project and two years ago, the company decided to separate the developer team for Thunderbird and Firefox.  [more]

IE update should only close security holes - making Lenovo machines useless

IT|Dec 29, 2018

This wasn't exactly as planned, Microsoft. A few days ago Microsoft sent out an urgent update for Internet Explorer. It should actually close a security hole, but at the same time brought some unforeseen problems to many users. [more]

This Apple patent can be very good news for Touch ID lovers

Apple|Dec 22, 2018

Face ID or Touch ID? Yes, thanks, both. People are probably split when you prefer Touch ID or Face ID, although the majority probably lean on the latter, representing modern technology, to a greater extent a fingerprint reader introduced for the first time with the iPhone 5S. [more]

Tumblr to ban all ‘adult content’ from December 17

IT|Dec 14, 2018

Tumblr announces a ban on all adult content from its platform following App Store removalTumblr, a popular microblogging and social networking website, announced that starting December 17, 2018, it would be banning all ‘adult content’ from its platform to make it “a... [more]

Australian Diner Manager Cancels Her Job Interview With Text After Learning She’s Having a Baby, So She Fires Back As Well.

General|Dec 13, 2018

No one from the, or owner James Bronkhorst, had responded by 9:30 p.m. After Wilcox posted the conversation online, dinner responded on its Facebook page with a comment and screenshots of her resume, which included her work history and education. [more]

Torrent Tracker ‘Leechers Paradise’ Calls It Quit After 12 Years

IT|Dec 12, 2018

Leechers Paradise shuts down after 12 years of torrent trackingLeechers Paradise, one of the world’s oldest and most vital open BitTorrent trackers, has shut down for good over upcoming ‘Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market’ proposed by European Union... [more]

Brain implants allow lame people to control tablets with their minds

General|Dec 1, 2018

The computer does not even need to be modified to make it work. Technological advances still open new doors. Especially for disabled people, much happens now that can make a difference in everyday life. [more]

This company is not far away to know everything about you

General|Nov 26, 2018

The world's most valuable AI start-up. The Chinese launch company SenseTime has sales contracts with major institutions around the world in addition to Chinese authorities in their not-so-secret approach to a panoptic society where the government is responsible for full surveillance... [more]

This is how Nintendo will keep you as a customer

General|Nov 18, 2018

Scheduling expansion packages after launch. After the presentation of their quarterly report, Nintendo held a question round as they usually do. In this, it emerged how Nintendo plans to keep both Switch and the most popular games in the spotlight after the original launch. [more]

iPhone with 5G comes in 2020, but Intel must solve this first

Apple|Nov 9, 2018

Apple has a plan B. Next year, the first 5G phones will be on the market. There is probably Android that will first take advantage of the technology, but by 2020, Apple will introduce its first iPhone with 5G. [more]

AI can detect cancer six months earlier

General|Oct 14, 2018

Nvidia cooperates with several healthcare companies in London. Kings College London is a leading medical research center and is the first of Nvidia's clinical partners to utilize Nvidia's DGX-2 and the company's Clara platform. [more]

Microsoft shares 60,000 patents with the open source environment

Microsoft|Oct 13, 2018

Big news from the Windows 10 manufacturer. Microsoft and open source have not just been at a wavelength, but in recent years the beep has got another sound and the Redmond giant has embraced the environment. [more]

Facebook hackers have not logged in to third-party pages

General|Oct 8, 2018

The social media assures users In the wake of the extensive attack on Facebook, the company says hackers have not used the accounts to log on third party websites. Hackers had access to nearly 50 million Facebook accounts. [more]

The man behind the world's web is building "the future of the future"

IT|Oct 5, 2018

Must give control back to users. Sir Tim Berners-Lee is the man who invented the World Wide Web in the late 1980's. About 30 years later he has plans for a new Internet. [more]

Netflix may be forced to produce more European content

IT|Sep 8, 2018

At least 30 percent must be made in the region. In an interview with Variety, Commander of the European Commission's communications network, Roberto Viola, said that they will demand more power services like Netflix and Amazon in the future. [more]

Nintendo makes sure that ROM sites shut down

General|Aug 18, 2018

Several ROM sites stop offering games for download. The Japanese gaming giant filed an appeal against and last month due to a breach of Nintendo's copyright and trademarks. [more]

Windows Defender AV has once again achieved 100% Protection scores

Microsoft|Aug 12, 2018

Any Windows user, facing challenges in the online world can receive quick emergency assistance from Windows Defender AV. The product offers flawless protection and its experts offer help against any real threat confronting security programs on the Internet. [more]

Can not sell 3D weapon design - yet

General|Aug 7, 2018

3D weapon design will not be made available with the first one. A US court in Seattle decided yesterday, through a temporary ban, that the United States Defense Distributed company is currently unable to sell its 3D weapon design intended for 3D printers. [more]

The collaboration between Microsoft and Nintendo is manifested in several ways

IT|Jul 22, 2018

Soon, it will be possible to buy Nintendo's New 2DS XL with Creeper design! Nintendo recently announced that they released three new versions of their New Nintendo 2DS XL. [more]

Now comes the super secure routers

IT|Jul 9, 2018

But that does not mean you should use "password" as a password. Now the Wi-Fi Alliance has started verifying routers that support the new WPA3 protocol. It writes The Verge. And it might be the time that WPA2 Security Protocol WPA2 was first put into service in 2004. [more]

The European Parliament voted in favor of stricter copyright laws online

IT|Jun 29, 2018

Now it's up to the EU if the law comes into force. The European Parliament has voted yes to the disputed bill of copyright on the Internet, Article 13. 15 voted for ten were against. [more]

JPEG XL could let you pack twice as many photos into your phone

IT|Jun 25, 2018

But there's a war brewing, and JPEG XL isn't alone. Apple and Google have their own ideas. [more]

Another Vulnerability In Intel CPUs – Dubbed Lazy FP State Restore

IT|Jun 16, 2018

Hardware vulnerabilities seem to be much more prominent of late. Recently, another hardware vulnerability was found in Intel CPUs that would allow hackers to steal data from systems containing the affected chips. The newly discovered vulnerability is a side-channel speculative execution... [more]

OfflineBay is the alternative to go to when The Pirate Bay is down

General|Jun 14, 2018

OfflineBay: An offline torrents library of The Pirate BayThe Pirate Bay (TPB), the world’s most popular torrent website, of late, has been suffering regular downtime, for various reasons, leading to great frustration among millions of its daily users. [more]


Download this update to avoid damaging your MacBook with a USB hub

IT|Feb 27, 2021

Is Elon in trouble because of this?

General|Feb 26, 2021

DOWNLOAD: major Windows 10 update

Microsoft|Feb 25, 2021

Microsoft slashes Windows 10 long-term support by half

Microsoft|Feb 24, 2021

Huawei begins rollout of HarmonyOs

General|Feb 23, 2021

New Design!

General|Feb 22, 2021

Apple wants to know everything about Steam

Apple|Feb 21, 2021

Apple will move iPad production to India

General|Feb 20, 2021

This is what Android 12 looks like

General|Feb 19, 2021

Facebook is blocking news in Australia

General|Feb 18, 2021

iOS 14.5 beta 2 has been launched - battery life has been announced

Apple|Feb 17, 2021

Zuckerberg is furious at Tim Cook

General|Feb 16, 2021

iPhone 13 revealed

Apple|Feb 15, 2021

This cabinet is DANGEROUS

IT|Feb 14, 2021

Download this Windows 10 update now

Microsoft|Feb 13, 2021