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DOWNLOAD: major Windows 10 update

Microsoft|Feb 25, 2021

Microsoft has greatly updated the latest stable version of Windows 10, 20H2 (May 2020), or 2004 if you will. [more]


Download this Windows 10 update now

Microsoft|Feb 13, 2021

  Microsoft has released an update to Windows 10 to fix a bug that could crash devices trying to connect to Wi-Fi networks protected by WPA3 encryption. [more]

Microsoft's smart messaging feature is coming soon

Microsoft|Jan 27, 2021

Teams will soon have an ever so small ingenious new feature: the ability to automatically send the message you tried to send offline. [more]

LEAKED: this is the new Windows 10

Microsoft|Jan 16, 2021

In October 2019, Microsoft unveiled Windows 10X, a new operating system that is easier to operate. [more]

Microsoft will make browsers much better in Windows 10

Microsoft|Jan 15, 2021

Because Edge is based on Chromium like Chrome (naturally enough), it also means they spend time improving their core. [more]

Windows Disk Check could kill the disk

Microsoft|Dec 26, 2020

Windows 10 2004 and 20H2 had an error that caused chkdsk to simply corrupt disk file systems. [more]

This version of Windows 10 is no longer supported

Microsoft|Dec 10, 2020

Last month was the end of the 1809 support, now it is 1903 that smokes. [more]

Microsoft previews new way to upgrade Windows 10

Microsoft|Dec 5, 2020

The company is now touting 'Windows Feature Experience Packs' as a way to increase the number of features it rolls out to users over the course of a year. [more]

Browser updates are back for Update Tuesday; testing may be needed for Windows patches

Microsoft|Nov 14, 2020

Microsoft this week released 112 updates to its Windows, browser, development and Office platforms. But there were no zero-days or reports of publicly exploited vulnerabilities for November. [more]

Do you see what they are likely to do with Windows?

Microsoft|Nov 5, 2020

And do you think it looks better? [more]

Microsoft pushes Edge as 'best for business' in battle with Chrome

Microsoft|Nov 4, 2020

At this year's Ignite conference, Microsoft offered up a host of reasons why its browser is better for the enterprise than Google Chrome. Do those claims stack up? [more]

What's in the latest Edge update? Rollbacks and new browser telemetry policies

General|Nov 1, 2020

Microsoft's Edge 86 includes a "rollback" function that lets IT admins restore an earlier version of the browser and gives the built-in PDF viewer support for document tables of content. [more]

Microsoft Planner cheat sheet

Microsoft|Oct 29, 2020

Planner gives Office 365 users a built-in task-management tool that small teams can use to track plans, tasks, and progress. Here’s our guide to using Planner on its own and within Microsoft Teams. [more]

New Windows update setting

Microsoft|Oct 26, 2020

Looking to install a specific feature release of Windows 10 when you want it? Here's how. [more]

Microsoft launches its second update rerun, Windows 10 20H2

Microsoft|Oct 25, 2020

The Windows 10 October 2020 Update is now available, which means enterprise users can begin testing it before embarking on a broader deployment. [more]

Here you can download new Windows 10 right away

Microsoft|Oct 21, 2020

Microsoft only rolls out to some, but you can do it that way instead. [more]

What's in the latest Edge update? Rollbacks and new browser telemetry policies

Microsoft|Oct 20, 2020

Microsoft's Edge 86 includes a "rollback" function that lets IT admins restore an earlier version of the browser and gives the built-in PDF viewer support for document tables of content. [more]

Finally this happens in Windows with Android on the team!

Microsoft|Oct 17, 2020

Cut and paste across units. [more]

Windows by the numbers: Real gains or just an illusion?

Microsoft|Oct 8, 2020

A sudden spike of Windows' overall share led to increased user numbers for both Windows 10 and Windows 7. [more]

Top web browsers 2020: Chrome takes a punch, Firefox stays alive

IT|Oct 6, 2020

September wasn't a good month for Google's Chrome browser, which saw a decline in user share; Microsoft's Edge, however, won over some converts. [more]


If you see this, you must back up immediately

Microsoft|Oct 3, 2020

Windows 10 beta version warns you before it's too late. [more]

Microsoft Patch Alert: September 2020

Microsoft|Sep 29, 2020

The September patches kicked up a bit of dust, but things look pretty stable now. I’m still skeptical of Windows 10 version 2004, but it’s getting closer to stable. Give it another month. [more]

Microsoft will bundle updates to streamline patching

Microsoft|Sep 14, 2020

Microsoft plans to change how it delivers updates to some parts of Windows 10, saying the new bundling tactic will end confusion and streamline the OS's regular refreshes. [more]

Top web browsers 2020: Firefox, IE, Chrome all fall

IT|Sep 3, 2020

Firefox took the biggest market-share hit in August as Mozilla’s financial woes continue. [more]

Microsoft sets new support deadlines for IE11 and Edge

Microsoft|Aug 20, 2020

With the Chromium-based version of Edge now in place, Microsoft is looking to move on from its older browsers – IE11 and the original Edge. [more]

Microsoft set to bring touch control to non-touch laptops, a new patent reveals

Microsoft|Aug 17, 2020

According to a new patent filed by Microsoft, old generation laptops will be compatible with modern touch controls in the near future. The Redmond-based technology company wants to provide old generation non-touch laptops with touch control via an external device. [more]

Surface Duo will be launched in a very short time.

Microsoft|Aug 12, 2020

Here are several new photos [more]

Microsoft is making GitHub more like Facebook but only for developers

Microsoft|Jul 31, 2020

GitHub wants to be more like a social media service to keep the developers engaged with its website. The Microsoft-owned source code management service currently hosts more than 50 million developers on its platform. Apparently, Microsoft has plans to make the overall coding experience... [more]

Inspire 2020: Microsoft Teams gets Rooms Premium, DataFlex, new frontline worker features

Microsoft|Jul 24, 2020

Teams Rooms Premium is a new a 24/7 management and monitoring service available from Microsoft and its partners; it costs $50 per device monthly. [more]

Microsoft closes all the stores

General|Jun 27, 2020

But no one loses the job, fortunately. Microsoft is giving up all stores and in other countries, they have their own outlets. [more]

Microsoft gives up Mixer - sends users to Facebook Gaming next month

Microsoft|Jun 24, 2020

Over and out after four years. Four years ago, Microsoft bought a service called Beam. [more]

Microsoft recognizes: Surface Earphones are disobeying

Microsoft|May 26, 2020

Customers are still waiting for answers. [more]

This is the date everyone gets new Windows 10

Microsoft|May 3, 2020

The May update can be downloaded from the test channels. [more]

Bluetooth is completely gone in Windows 10, WiFi is struggling and blue screens are showing up

Microsoft|Apr 21, 2020

Hits many different machines. [more]

Now Windows gets the best of Mac and Alfred

Microsoft|Apr 19, 2020

Integrates Spotlight and Alfred alternative into Power Toys. [more]

Patch Tuesday is tomorrow. Get your system locked down.

Microsoft|Apr 14, 2020

With all the problems we’re having, the last thing you need is a bum patch throwing your system (or your family's systems) for a loop. Take a couple of minutes right now and make sure you have Windows automatic updating set to pause. Tell your friends, too. [more]

Windows is finally getting what everyone has asked for

Microsoft|Apr 13, 2020

Smarter media control. [more]

SEE NEW WINDOWS: Microsoft launches the Start menu full of functionality

Microsoft|Apr 10, 2020

This is what Microsoft is working on. [more]

Microsoft with Skype crisis response: removes login requirements, copies Zoom

Microsoft|Apr 4, 2020

Do as Zoom with link sharing and no Microsoft account requirements. During the corona crisis, Microsoft has finally found that it must be easy to start meetings and stay in touch. [more]

Skype does NOT disappear

Microsoft|Apr 1, 2020

Microsoft refuses ... for the time. [more]

Slack to integrate Microsoft Teams calling feature

General|Mar 30, 2020

The popular team collaboration software maker has seen a spike in use as remote working becomes more common in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak. [more]

Should Microsoft do this with Windows 10?

Microsoft|Mar 26, 2020

Windows 7 Control Center in Windows 10 on the way out. [more]

Windows may silently have broken your battery life - now the bug fix is here

Microsoft|Mar 25, 2020

Windows 10 failed to close programs. [more]

Bill Gates completely finished in Microsoft

Microsoft|Mar 15, 2020

Retires as a board member. [more]

It was never okay for Google to do this to Edge surfers

Google|Mar 10, 2020

And now they end it. [more]

Microsoft Defender comes for iOS and Android

Microsoft|Feb 22, 2020

Later this year. Smartphones are becoming increasingly complex and virus threats are also increasing in scope. Microsoft is now planning to launch Defender antivirus software for both iOS and Android. [more]

Windows 7 users cannot be turned off by the PC

Microsoft|Feb 11, 2020

Microsoft may be forced to roll out a new update. [more]

Gigantic Microsoft blister: 250 million inquiries were searchable

Microsoft|Jan 23, 2020

Email addresses and IP addresses visible. [more]

Emotet Malware Targeted United Nations Via Phishing Attack

General|Jan 17, 2020

As reported, a phishing attack targeted United Nations with Emotet malware. The dedicated email phishing campaign targeted 600 UN email addresses. [more]

Google promises to support chrome on windows 7 until july 2021

Google|Jan 14, 2020

Although Microsoft support for the aging OS ends this week, Google plans to continue updating its popular browser for Windows 7 until July 2021. [more]

Admits delay time as still a problem: - Local gambling is best, simply

Microsoft|Dec 26, 2019

It reports the XCloud gang to Microsoft. [more]

New Microsoft Edge Add-ons Store is now open for submissions

General|Dec 20, 2019

Microsoft is all set to make the Chromium version of Microsoft Edge available to the general public starting January 15th, 2020. This new web browser will not support the legacy Microsoft Edge extensions. This is because they were written in EdgeHTML. And the newer web browser supports... [more]

Microsoft has refurbished the Windows logo and over 100 icons

Microsoft|Dec 15, 2019

Based on the "Fluent Design" principles. [more]

Now they come to bother you again - and cover the entire screen at once

General|Dec 12, 2019

Reminders to upgrade from Windows 7. [more]

China to strengthen its own presence: remove foreign hardware and software

General|Dec 10, 2019

Should boost local innovation instead. [more]

Why you can still upgrade to Windows 10 for free

General|Dec 1, 2019


Update your Windows 7 computer instantly - now you should no longer delay it

Microsoft|Nov 13, 2019

Hackers have started exploiting "BlueKeep". [more]

The Superman movie from 1978 is now preserved for the next centuries

General|Nov 7, 2019

Stored the film on the glass. [more]

Microsoft's new app merges Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Microsoft|Nov 6, 2019

Download test versions on iOS and Android now. [more]

Are you also getting this error message in Windows 10?

Microsoft|Nov 3, 2019

Here's how to fix the issue in the 1903 edition, according to Microsoft. [more]

Get to taste their own medicine after that

Apple|Oct 15, 2019

"Remember when we all laughed at Windows UAC"? [more]

Reveals the name of a new Windows version

Microsoft|Oct 7, 2019

It wasn't "Little" anyway. [more]

Yet another Windows 10 update resolves one issue, but creates another

Microsoft|Oct 2, 2019

Fixes errors with the sound but brings with it a printer problem. [more]

One billion Windows 10 devices by 2020

Microsoft|Sep 26, 2019

Now the figure is 900 million. [more]

Microsoft September Patch Tuesday Addresses Two Actively Exploited Zero-Day Bugs

Microsoft|Sep 16, 2019

This Tuesday, Microsoft has rolled-out its scheduled monthly updates for 80 different bugs. Notably, the September Patch Tuesday update bundle from Microsoft brings fixes for two zero-day bugs under active exploit. [more]

Microsoft has enabled new feature in Windows 10

Microsoft|Sep 2, 2019

Good if the accident is out. [more]

When will it end? Now there are problems with the batteries as well

General|Aug 22, 2019

Surface is already struggling with CPU and WiFi. [more]

Microsoft Update sends top machines back to the Stone Age

Microsoft|Aug 16, 2019

And WiFi is still a problem. [more]

The VR industry's wet dream can come true

General|Jul 31, 2019

A standard - all included in the team. Finally, the VR world can be a little less complicated. The range of VR headsets is growing steadily, but the ecosystem of apps seems deficient and the cross-platform support has only been forgotten. [more]

Google prides itself on its growing cloud service - is still nowhere near the Amazon

Google|Jul 30, 2019

It still looks like Google. Now earns almost $ 70 billion a year on the Cloud service. [more]

Drops "Online" in Office apps

Microsoft|Jul 27, 2019

Microsoft removes this word. [more]

Banning Office 365 from German schools

Microsoft|Jul 24, 2019

Neither can I use Google Docs or iWork. [more]

Microsoft with sneaky advertising in Android

Microsoft|Jul 11, 2019

Displays applications you can install. [more]

Will allow Chromium users to access the Windows spell checker

General|Jul 6, 2019

Let's hope Microsoft gets what they want. [more]

Multiple Vulnerabilities In Microsoft Server Infrastructure Allows Arbitrary Code Execution

Microsoft|May 7, 2019

Researchers have discovered numerous vulnerabilities in Microsoft server. These vulnerabilities, upon exploit, could threaten the integrity and confidentiality of the systems. Two of these vulnerabilities could even allow arbitrary code execution. [more]

The "Your Phone" feature has been supported by several mobile phones

Microsoft|Apr 28, 2019

Microsoft also introduces synchronized alerts. [more]

Hacked accounts - had access for several months

Microsoft|Apr 16, 2019

Microsoft now notifies affected users. [more]

You should not find using another Netflix viewing browser

General|Apr 5, 2019

Retains what made Old Edge unique. [more]

Now the extensions have appeared - public testing is approaching

General|Mar 18, 2019

Found 82 extensions for new Edge. As we interpret recently Microsoft's activity, we are not the long wait from a public testing period of their new Chromium-based browser. Last week we got a sneak peek at new Edge in some photos you can see here, and it was explained that the first... [more]

Microsoft has been tired of firewalls

Microsoft|Mar 14, 2019

The transition becomes a "game changer". [more]

This is brave by Microsoft: want users to call in to give feedback

Microsoft|Mar 13, 2019

Ten-minute anonymous conversation. [more]

Now they are only 200 million units away

Microsoft|Mar 11, 2019

When maybe the goal of 1 billion Windows units late this year. [more]

Play the State of Decay for free in the latest trial version of Windows 10

IT|Feb 14, 2019

But you have to be quick. In April, Windows 10 19H1 is being launched for the public and these days, Microsoft was working on the final touch of the update. [more]

Skype now lets you make the background fuzzy

Microsoft|Feb 11, 2019

New AI feature launched to the PC release of the program. Although services like FaceTime and video calls in Messenger have stolen many users from Skype, the latter is still popular in many parts of the world, not least in business. [more]

Microsoft has never sold multiple Surface machines

Microsoft|Feb 3, 2019

These days many interesting key figures from the major technology companies are published. Microsoft has now released its quarterly numbers, and can smile at the success of its Surface machines. [more]

Sources: Bing problems in China are due to technical errors

Microsoft|Jan 30, 2019

The order must have come from the top team. [more]

The countdown has started for Windows 7

Microsoft|Jan 17, 2019

Microsoft will stop free support by 2020. It has been known for a long time that the official support for Windows 7 is nearing the end. January 14, 2020, is the date, then Microsoft will no longer provide free support to users of this OS and security updates will stop. You will still... [more]

Microsoft has bugged Windows again: paying customers get a pirate warning

Microsoft|Jan 13, 2019

Larger issues with Windows 7 and network issues with Server 2008. Server 2008 R1 and Windows 7 users experience problems after the updates KB4480970 and KB4480960. [more]

Microsoft patent reveals magnetic USB-C port

Microsoft|Jan 4, 2019

Should the company finally embrace USB-C? The USB-C has many advantages, including much faster data transfer and simultaneous charging of devices. It's the new standard technology companies should, and should, switch to as fast as possible. [more]

This is how Windows 10 stops thieves from tampering with your settings

Microsoft|Dec 31, 2018

Security is improved. Microsoft has in the latest 19H1 version of Windows 10 added a couple of new security features. In the Windows Security section, two new tabs have now appeared: Tamper Protection and Protection History. [more]

IE update should only close security holes - making Lenovo machines useless

IT|Dec 29, 2018

This wasn't exactly as planned, Microsoft. A few days ago Microsoft sent out an urgent update for Internet Explorer. It should actually close a security hole, but at the same time brought some unforeseen problems to many users. [more]

The new Office app will soon be available for free to all Office users

Microsoft|Dec 28, 2018

Replaces "My Office". As part of the simplification of the login process among other things, Microsoft introduces an app called Office. The program is free and can be used with any Office 365 subscription. Alternatively, you can use the app in Office 2019, 2016 or Office Online - the... [more]

This Windows 10 feature may disappear

Microsoft|Dec 20, 2018

Should be a shortcut to contact people. Now it's probably scrapped. [more]

Microsoft has cleared up the Media Player failure

Microsoft|Dec 17, 2018

You can download the update now. You may remember the big rash that has occurred when the October 10 update to Windows 10 broke Windows Media Player, and Microsoft has later promised an update to fix it around mid-December. [more]

New Windows Update fixes a bunch of errors with the latest version

Microsoft|Dec 9, 2018

1809 updated. Update KB4469342 fixes a bunch of errors with the latest Windows version, the "October" update 1809 that updates the Windows version to 17763.168. [more]

Eagerly awaited function soon in Outlook

Microsoft|Dec 6, 2018

Should have been in place a long time ago. During the year, Microsoft has gradually rolled out a new Mail experience to anyone using Outlook [more]

Microsoft finally changes the Office icons

Microsoft|Dec 5, 2018

First time in five years. In a media blog post, Microsoft writes that for the first time since 2013, a design change has been made on the icons of the Office programs. [more]

The update that provides long-awaited design improvements

Microsoft|Dec 4, 2018

New Windows 10-build halfway available now. Every Wednesday, those included in the Insider program to Microsoft for early Windows 10 updates get access to new features to be implemented for other users. This time they have got a claw in fine design changes with the introduction of... [more]

Windows 10 version 1809 breaks the Windows Media Player

General|Dec 2, 2018

The Windows 10 Nightmare continues. As if the October 10 update to Windows 10 has not given users enough trouble so far, there is now another error that hits them, this time it will be linked to their video player, Windows Media Player. [more]

Now you have alternative ways to log in to your Microsoft account

Microsoft|Nov 28, 2018

Windows Hello and PIN. Microsoft has previously been aggressive in introducing new ways to verify identity, such as when they introduced the opportunity to log in to different websites with fingerprints and face recognition in the summer. In version 1809 of Windows 10, the... [more]

Apple and Microsoft are working on blast to correct iCloud errors

Apple|Nov 24, 2018

Collaborates on compatibility issues. The update scandal seems to make no end to Microsoft: an error that has so far been said to have been under the radar makes Windows's iCloud users after the latest update experience incompatibilities. Now Apple and Microsoft are working together to... [more]

Now the October update for Windows 10 rolls out

Microsoft|Nov 21, 2018

Finally - here are the improvements. Microsoft has had a very hard time rolling out the October update to Windows 10 (version 1809), but now it seems that the pieces fall into place. [more]

Microsoft confirms Windows 10 errors

Microsoft|Nov 14, 2018

Pro licenses are incorrectly disabled. If you've had trouble on your Windows machine lately, you're not alone. [more]

Microsoft puts the servers under water

Microsoft|Nov 7, 2018

Lower latency is one of the reasons. For a long time, Microsoft has experimented with underwater servers, where they laid down a server along with the California coast for two years ago for more efficient cooling. [more]

Microsoft shares 60,000 patents with the open source environment

Microsoft|Oct 13, 2018

Big news from the Windows 10 manufacturer. Microsoft and open source have not just been at a wavelength, but in recent years the beep has got another sound and the Redmond giant has embraced the environment. [more]

Microsoft's Sticky Notes app comes to iOS and Android

Microsoft|Oct 11, 2018

Sync notes across your devices. Microsoft has started rolling out version 3 of Sticky Notes to Windows 10. This is the biggest news that you can sync notes across Windows 10 devices. [more]

Install RSAT Feature on Demand on Windows 10 1809 Using PowerShell (Administrative Tools)

Microsoft|Oct 9, 2018

After updating Windows 10 computer on my computer from 1803 to 1809 (October Update), the installed RSAT tools (Remote Server Administration Tools) disappeared (this always happens when updating Win10 build). As always, I was going to download and install the latest version of RSAT from... [more]

See what's new in Outlook to iPhone

Microsoft|Oct 3, 2018

Android users can also wait for updates. One of Microsoft's most popular applications is Outlook Mobile. The Android version has been downloaded over 100 million times, and iOS versions are ranked number 5 under productivity in the Apple App Store. [more]

Microsoft releases Windows 10 update with a bunch of bug fixes

Microsoft|Sep 26, 2018

Now you can update again. Updates to Windows 10 have been frequent recently, and it is not more than a week since Microsoft released a complete update to the latest release. [more]

You probably have to wait for one of the biggest news for Windows 10

Microsoft|Sep 24, 2018

What really happens to the smart update model? At the tune of July this year, Microsoft released a test release of Windows 10 that featured a promising news. Many people are sad that Windows 10 restarts to install an update whenever they want it. [more]

Microsoft redesigns Skype again

Microsoft|Sep 5, 2018

Removes "Snapchat" -like features that users do not want. Last year, Microsoft launched an up-to-date version of Skype with a brand new interface for mobile and PC, but the overhaul was not exactly welcomed. Now the company announces plans for a new design update. [more]

Forget password: Now you can sign in to your Microsoft account with Apple Watch

Apple|Aug 31, 2018


Microsoft is being investigated for bribes - must have sold Word through intermediaries

Microsoft|Aug 30, 2018

Four employees have been fired. US authorities are investigating Microsoft for bribery reports. It writes the Wall Street Journal. [more]

Microsoft makes file explorer dark in new Windows update

Microsoft|Aug 16, 2018

Finally available in a dark suit. Those who like to work in dark surroundings have been tired of having to be blinded by the blend-white background for Windows File Explorer. [more]

New Windows 10 Insider Preview-build out - "Your Phone" available soon

Microsoft|Aug 6, 2018

Exactly, Microsoft will not say anything about it. Today, Microsoft has made a new build (17728) available to those who run Windows 10 Insider Preview. The buildings are available to those who are part of "Fast ring". [more]

Now everyone can update Windows 10

Microsoft|Jul 23, 2018

Microsoft eliminates bug fixes across the fool Today, Microsoft released updates for four editions of Windows 10, which includes the latest April 2018 Update. [more]

The collaboration between Microsoft and Nintendo is manifested in several ways

IT|Jul 22, 2018

Soon, it will be possible to buy Nintendo's New 2DS XL with Creeper design! Nintendo recently announced that they released three new versions of their New Nintendo 2DS XL. [more]

New Windows 10 test version has been launched, but they have removed something very useful

Microsoft|Jul 13, 2018

When do you actually launch Sets? Sets, the feature that makes it possible to group applications as browser tabs, has been drawn from the latest Redstone 5 test release launched Fast Ring testers today. [more]

Try this if you have network issues after the Windows 10 upgrade

Microsoft|Jul 5, 2018

Microsoft has a temporary solution to the error. In April, Microsoft released the major update, April 2018 Update, which included more news, both above and below the hood. Unfortunately, there are several PC users who experience various issues after upgrading. [more]

This program makes MacOS, even faster and smarter in Windows

General|Jul 4, 2018

QuickLook is probably a smart program tip. Did you get this tip about easier volume control in Windows? [more]

Is that the way Windows 7 had looked if it had been launched today?

Microsoft|Jun 26, 2018

See the cool concept video. About ten years ago Windows 7 was released. Now, Windows 10 applies, but many, many still use what is probably the most popular version of Microsoft's operating system ever. [more]

JPEG XL could let you pack twice as many photos into your phone

IT|Jun 25, 2018

But there's a war brewing, and JPEG XL isn't alone. Apple and Google have their own ideas. [more]

Following Chrome's Lead, Microsoft Edge Also Moves to Block Autoplay Videos

Microsoft|Jun 22, 2018

The Microsoft Edge browser will gain the ability to block auto-playing media, such as sounds and web videos. The feature was announced today for Edge browsers part of Insiders program, Microsoft's testing ground for new Windows 10 features. [more]


Download this update to avoid damaging your MacBook with a USB hub

IT|Feb 27, 2021

Is Elon in trouble because of this?

General|Feb 26, 2021

DOWNLOAD: major Windows 10 update

Microsoft|Feb 25, 2021

Microsoft slashes Windows 10 long-term support by half

Microsoft|Feb 24, 2021

Huawei begins rollout of HarmonyOs

General|Feb 23, 2021

New Design!

General|Feb 22, 2021

Apple wants to know everything about Steam

Apple|Feb 21, 2021

Apple will move iPad production to India

General|Feb 20, 2021

This is what Android 12 looks like

General|Feb 19, 2021

Facebook is blocking news in Australia

General|Feb 18, 2021

iOS 14.5 beta 2 has been launched - battery life has been announced

Apple|Feb 17, 2021

Zuckerberg is furious at Tim Cook

General|Feb 16, 2021

iPhone 13 revealed

Apple|Feb 15, 2021

This cabinet is DANGEROUS

IT|Feb 14, 2021

Download this Windows 10 update now

Microsoft|Feb 13, 2021