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Download this Windows 10 update now

Microsoft|Feb 13, 2021

  Microsoft has released an update to Windows 10 to fix a bug that could crash devices trying to connect to Wi-Fi networks protected by WPA3 encryption. [more]

DO NOT do this - this is all it takes to herpe Windows 10

Microsoft|Jan 19, 2021

It is amazing that security is so weakThis error has existed in Windows 10 for three years, and is very serious as it is not just a matter of the computer hanging (we will return to that error) - no: here we are talking about data loss if you are unlucky. [more]

Windows will soon offer this, but what does it really mean?

Microsoft|Oct 9, 2020

There are many opportunities here. [more]

Microsoft adds 6 months support to Windows 10 1803, again cites pandemic

Microsoft|Aug 29, 2020

The company extended security support for Windows 10 Enterprise 1803 and Windows 10 Education 1803 until May 11. The original end-of-support date was to be Nov. 10. [more]

Important Windows 10 update released

Microsoft|Jul 15, 2020

Lots of important security updates - fix screen errors with games. Microsoft has released a brand new update to the latest version of Windows 10 2004. [more]

Who needs windows 10 pro: 5 reasons to upgrade

Microsoft|Jul 5, 2020

Most of you should be happy with Windows 10 Home. But certain features make the upgrade to Windows 10 Pro worthwhile. [more]

Now Microsoft is safe enough

Microsoft|Jun 11, 2020


Windows 10 2004 removes Downloads folder from Disk Cleanup Tool

General|Jun 8, 2020

Earlier, the Disk Cleanup Tool & Storage Sense offered to clear the Downloads folder.  Microsoft has removed the Downloads folder from Windows 10’s Disk Cleanup tool. Microsoft says they have deleted the Downloads folder from Disk Cleanup in the Windows 10 operating... [more]

Download new Windows 10 coming next month

General|Apr 18, 2020

Already now. It's soon May and Microsoft are getting ready to launch the 20H1 update with the same month name. [more]

Should Microsoft do this with Windows 10?

Microsoft|Mar 26, 2020

Windows 7 Control Center in Windows 10 on the way out. [more]

Hands-on with the Windows 10 April 2020 Update, showcasing new features and changes

Microsoft|Mar 23, 2020


Microsoft finally hits it's goal of 1 billion devices running windows 10

General|Mar 17, 2020

It took a little longer than the three years Microsoft initially predicted. [more]

Windows 10 version 2004 is coming - here's what you need to know about it

Microsoft|Mar 16, 2020

We're once again approaching that time of the year when Microsoft releases a new feature update to Windows 10. In line with the version numbering scheme, we've been seeing, this update is currently known as Windows 10 version 2004, or 20H1, because it's being released in the first half... [more]

Microsoft is making significant changes to how it tests Windows 10 with Insiders

Microsoft|Dec 18, 2019

Big changes are coming to the way Microsoft develops and tests Windows 10 with participants in the Windows Insider Program. Starting with today's build, Microsoft will no longer designate preview builds that roll out to the Fast ring as part of a specific release of Windows 10. [more]

The big Windows update is here: check for updates to download 1909

Microsoft|Nov 14, 2019


Microsoft has enabled new feature in Windows 10

Microsoft|Sep 2, 2019

Good if the accident is out. [more]

New Windows Update fixes a bunch of errors with the latest version

Microsoft|Dec 9, 2018

1809 updated. Update KB4469342 fixes a bunch of errors with the latest Windows version, the "October" update 1809 that updates the Windows version to 17763.168. [more]

This is a step in the right direction, Microsoft, but you still make us pissed

Microsoft|Oct 22, 2018

Allows you to delete programs next year, but not garbage we really want to remove. It's time and end and plays with the idea of delivering premium experiences, and actually going the whole mile. [more]

Install RSAT Feature on Demand on Windows 10 1809 Using PowerShell (Administrative Tools)

Microsoft|Oct 9, 2018

After updating Windows 10 computer on my computer from 1803 to 1809 (October Update), the installed RSAT tools (Remote Server Administration Tools) disappeared (this always happens when updating Win10 build). As always, I was going to download and install the latest version of RSAT from... [more]

Microsoft blocks the Windows 10 upgrade if you have this, but there is a solution

Microsoft|Oct 7, 2018

Reduces battery life due to hijacking Intel audio drivers. Do you have a machine with Intel's sixth generation CPU or later and Intel sound card? Then you do not have to install the October update in 1809 until Microsoft has successfully fixed the error with Intel, or you can update... [more]

Microsoft releases Windows 10 update with a bunch of bug fixes

Microsoft|Sep 26, 2018

Now you can update again. Updates to Windows 10 have been frequent recently, and it is not more than a week since Microsoft released a complete update to the latest release. [more]

You probably have to wait for one of the biggest news for Windows 10

Microsoft|Sep 24, 2018

What really happens to the smart update model? At the tune of July this year, Microsoft released a test release of Windows 10 that featured a promising news. Many people are sad that Windows 10 restarts to install an update whenever they want it. [more]

These features disappear from Windows 10

Microsoft|Sep 21, 2018

Microsoft publishes services that are removed and are no longer being developed. In October, the next major update to Windows 10, called October 2018 Update, will be released, but a number of new features. At the same time as news comes, some are also removed. [more]

Windows Defender AV has once again achieved 100% Protection scores

Microsoft|Aug 12, 2018

Any Windows user, facing challenges in the online world can receive quick emergency assistance from Windows Defender AV. The product offers flawless protection and its experts offer help against any real threat confronting security programs on the Internet. [more]

Skype Classic discontinuation deadline extended

Microsoft|Aug 11, 2018

Microsoft recently announced the availability of Skype 8 for Skype users on all platforms. With this,  they also announced that the old Skype Classic Win32 app for Windows PCs will also be discontinued. [more]

New Windows 10 Insider Preview-build out - "Your Phone" available soon

Microsoft|Aug 6, 2018

Exactly, Microsoft will not say anything about it. Today, Microsoft has made a new build (17728) available to those who run Windows 10 Insider Preview. The buildings are available to those who are part of "Fast ring". [more]

This is how Microsoft will solve one of the major Windows troubles

Microsoft|Aug 1, 2018

Download new beta versions. Last night Norwegian time Microsoft rolled out two new Windows 10 editions to its testers. One was a new version of Redstone 5, which is expected this fall, while the other is in the Redstone 6 branch. The latter is the Windows 10 launch, which is expected... [more]

Now everyone can update Windows 10

Microsoft|Jul 23, 2018

Microsoft eliminates bug fixes across the fool Today, Microsoft released updates for four editions of Windows 10, which includes the latest April 2018 Update. [more]

How to get Windows Phone UI on your Android

Microsoft|Jul 6, 2018

Tired of standard designs? One of the benefits of Android is that you can customize your operating system as you wish. For example, download shell that provides device iOS design, but also the more unique Windows 10 Mobile interface. [more]

Try this if you have network issues after the Windows 10 upgrade

Microsoft|Jul 5, 2018

Microsoft has a temporary solution to the error. In April, Microsoft released the major update, April 2018 Update, which included more news, both above and below the hood. Unfortunately, there are several PC users who experience various issues after upgrading. [more]

Is that the way Windows 7 had looked if it had been launched today?

Microsoft|Jun 26, 2018

See the cool concept video. About ten years ago Windows 7 was released. Now, Windows 10 applies, but many, many still use what is probably the most popular version of Microsoft's operating system ever. [more]


Download this update to avoid damaging your MacBook with a USB hub

IT|Feb 27, 2021

Is Elon in trouble because of this?

General|Feb 26, 2021

DOWNLOAD: major Windows 10 update

Microsoft|Feb 25, 2021

Microsoft slashes Windows 10 long-term support by half

Microsoft|Feb 24, 2021

Huawei begins rollout of HarmonyOs

General|Feb 23, 2021

New Design!

General|Feb 22, 2021

Apple wants to know everything about Steam

Apple|Feb 21, 2021

Apple will move iPad production to India

General|Feb 20, 2021

This is what Android 12 looks like

General|Feb 19, 2021

Facebook is blocking news in Australia

General|Feb 18, 2021

iOS 14.5 beta 2 has been launched - battery life has been announced

Apple|Feb 17, 2021

Zuckerberg is furious at Tim Cook

General|Feb 16, 2021

iPhone 13 revealed

Apple|Feb 15, 2021

This cabinet is DANGEROUS

IT|Feb 14, 2021

Download this Windows 10 update now

Microsoft|Feb 13, 2021