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This is probably the latest iOS 14.5 beta

Apple|Apr 15, 2021

Apple has confirmed that the press conference is April 20, after Siri leaked the date the night before the announcement. [more]


iPhone owners attacked - install iOS 14.4.2 now

Apple|Mar 29, 2021

Apple has once again updated security iOS. [more]


Update iPhone and Mac - has dangerous holes: download iOS 14.4.1

General|Mar 10, 2021

Apple has released a security update for the iPhone and iPad in the form of iOS 14.4.1 which comes just before the launch of iOS 14.5, probably at the end of the month combined with new hardware. [more]


iPhone 13 revealed

Apple|Feb 15, 2021

  Max Weinbach, mobile leaker, in collaboration with EveryThingApplePro presents the very best iPhone 13 revelations so far. [more]


How to stop Apple Google snooping on iPhone

Apple|Feb 12, 2021

  Apple will stop sending secure browsing alerts via Google's servers from iOS 14.5. [more]


"Blast Door" monitors your messages in iOS14

Apple|Jan 30, 2021

iOS 14 has added a new "BlastDoor" security system to iPhones and iPads to stop attacks via the Messages app. [more]


Apple with anti-surveillance in iOS 14.4

Apple|Dec 31, 2020

Tools that will give users more influence over who sees what appears in the new iOS 14.4 beta. In the future, Apple will let you choose whether apps should be allowed to track you on websites and in other apps. [more]


Apple's Privacy Nutrition Labels, available now and good for business

General|Dec 27, 2020

Apple's iOS 14.3 introduces Privacy Nutrition Labels for apps sold at the App Store, and that's good for users, developers, and the enterprise. [more]


iPhone 12 is the best-selling 5G mobile

General|Dec 25, 2020



Today comes iOS 14.4 beta - does this fix the battery issues?

Apple|Dec 18, 2020

Do you have an iPhone 12, maybe one of the two Pro models? Have you noticed that they have an extra poor battery life? [more]


If you have noticed that the iPhone does not notify you, it is not you, it is iOS 14

General|Dec 14, 2020

An error in iOS 14 means that not all alerts are sent to the user, and the problem is hardly fixed in 14.3. [more]


iOS 14.3 will probably launch on Monday

Apple|Dec 9, 2020

Apple has released an RC version (Release Candidate) of iOS 14.3 for developers, which is definitely the version that will be released early next week. [more]


GeForce Now is launched on iPhone - Google Stadia coming soon

Apple|Nov 20, 2020

Nvidia has launched GeForce Now in the browser as previously promised. [more]


Does iOS 14.2 fix this iPhone 12 issue?

Apple|Nov 6, 2020

The same goes for Pro. [more]


Apple upgrades Safari on Catalina and Mojave in annual exercise

Apple|Sep 18, 2020

Safari 14 offers expanded tab management, website Touch ID authentication, a new privacy report and additional customization options for the new tab page. [more]


There’s something in the iPad Air for enterprise IT

Apple|Sep 17, 2020

Will the new A14 Bionic chip appear in future Macs? And how much more performance can Apple tweak from the 5nm design? [more]


How Jamf plans to let Microsoft Endpoint manage enterprise iPhones

Microsoft|Sep 12, 2020

A new solution due out soon will allow IT to use Microsoft Endpoint Manager to manage iOS devices as well as Macs. [more]

Now everyone can download ingenious iOS 14

Apple|Jul 10, 2020

iPadOS 14 also ready. [more]

Apple is finally embedding DNS security

Apple|Jul 4, 2020

And not the browser. Apple finally makes DNS security over HTTPS a thing in macOS. [more]

Now everyone can download iOS 13.5

Apple|May 19, 2020

You just have to be beta testers. [more]

CRISIS HOLES: Has hacked iPhone and iPad for years

General|Apr 23, 2020

It affects the user only by receiving a blank email. More than 500 million iPhone is exposed to a security gap in Apple Mail. [more]


Microsoft Defender comes for iOS and Android

Microsoft|Feb 22, 2020

Later this year. Smartphones are becoming increasingly complex and virus threats are also increasing in scope. Microsoft is now planning to launch Defender antivirus software for both iOS and Android. [more]


Google Maps celebrates 15 years - gets new icon and more new features

Google|Feb 7, 2020

Updated today. Google Maps was launched in 2005 and since then the service has become public domain. To celebrate the 15th anniversary, Google is releasing a new Maps icon and adding even more features to the service. [more]


Apple's New maps are finally available across the U.S.

General|Feb 4, 2020

A little behind the 2019 deadline, Apple’s new map data now covers the entire United States. The Europe rollout begins this year. [more]


Apple wants you to not have to do this manually

General|Feb 2, 2020

Now there is probably a new standardized solution. [more]


New iOS feature is ridiculously easy to fool

Apple|Dec 14, 2019

Embarrassing error in parental control feature. [more]


The email app

Apple|Nov 23, 2019

Built from the bottom. [more]


update iphone: Download new iOS and iPadOS

General|Nov 19, 2019

13.2.3 fixes quite as serious errors. [more]


Update your Apple devices again: iOS 13.1.2 and watchOS 6.0.1 released

Apple|Oct 1, 2019

Apple has once again updated iOS 13 to version 13.1.2 and rolled out the first watchOS 6 update, 6.0.1 [more]


This iOS hole is impossible to close - can cause permanent "jailbreak" for millions of iPhone devices

General|Sep 30, 2019

May-be the biggest jailbreak news for iPhone in many years. [more]


iOS 13 creates trouble for Fortnite and PUBG, and the cause is the dumbest ever

Apple|Sep 23, 2019

Players are encouraged not to update. [more]

The Mario Kart game is finally launching on iOS and Android - here is the date

General|Aug 28, 2019

Nintendo unveils September launch. [more]

Apple really doesn't want you to change the battery of a third party

Apple|Aug 9, 2019

A scary message pops up in recent iOS. [more]

Huawei OS can be faster than Android and iOS

General|Jul 9, 2019

This says the head of the company in a new interview [more]

Now you'll finally see where the apps track you

General|Jun 12, 2019

Gives you more control in iOS 13. [more]

Get notified of speed controls in Google Maps

Google|Jun 2, 2019

Great Google Maps upgrade shows speed limits, police cameras, and more. [more]

Big disappointment: we won't get rid of iTunes anyway

Apple|May 13, 2019

The new app is not based on iOS code. [more]

Finally launched - good news for you with Snapchat on Android

General|Apr 11, 2019

Is it against the Minecraft trends? [more]

Download iOS 12.3 - try Apple's new TV app

Apple|Mar 30, 2019

Beta 1 launched everyone who wants to. [more]

Over 50 security holes patched in iOS 12.2

General|Mar 29, 2019

Several of them serious. [more]

Say this five times to your iPhone, so take the night

Apple|Feb 18, 2019

The error is in the latest software. [more]

Apple blocked Google from developing iPhone apps - Facebook has also regained access

Apple|Feb 5, 2019

Preliminary agreement between the companies. The Verge may report that Apple has now blocked Google from using their Enterprise app certificates. [more]

Download new iOS version - this is new to iOS 12.1.2

Apple|Dec 23, 2018

eSIM fixes. Apple has launched iOS 12.1.2. [more]

Google is being prosecuted in Europe and the United States for illegal tracking

Google|Dec 3, 2018

Call for urgent action against the giant. Several news media write that Google is facing potential litigation in both Europe and the United States for having illegally tracked phones without the consent of the owners. [more]

Do you use Netflix on your mobile?

General|Nov 29, 2018

This update makes your life easier. Now, on your smartphone, you can see your favorite shows like never before, regardless of whether you rock an iOS or Android phone. Netflix has finally introduced some new features to have a more enjoyable time when watching movies and comics in... [more]

CloudFlare's privacy app is here

IT|Nov 19, 2018

Free and available now for iOS and Android. It's been several months since the networking giant Cloudflare showed the DNS service that focuses on privacy, readily available to consumers. Now the application is available for free for Apple devices and Android. [more]

Apple has launched iOS 12 - everyone can download now

Apple|Sep 19, 2018

Download! September means new iPhones and new versions of the iOS operating system. This year is no exception. [more]

Apple will showcase new iPhone on September 12th

Apple|Sep 4, 2018

This is the invitation to Apple Park. Apple has finally invited the press for iPhone releases on September 12th. [more]

Apple might introduce subscription apps

Apple|Aug 23, 2018

How to increase revenue from the App Store. Business Insider has gained access to information from Apple saying that only 15 percent of all new App downloads from the App Store are paid. According to the reports, the company wishes to do something about introducing subscription... [more]


New threat: False data security

IT|Apr 22, 2021

Now the top game is free for Playstation 4

IT|Apr 21, 2021

CBOMB: Play Station will stop working

IT|Apr 20, 2021

Finally fixes bugs that could herp Windows 10 disks

Microsoft|Apr 19, 2021

Huawei launches 6G in 2030: 50x faster than 5G

IT|Apr 18, 2021

Did you know that the iPhone can save you even if the battery is dead?

Apple|Apr 17, 2021

BIG Android 12 leak: Google is copying this from Apple, and that's fine

Google|Apr 16, 2021

This is probably the latest iOS 14.5 beta

Apple|Apr 15, 2021

Are you running this version of Windows? Now you need to update - new Windows update released

Microsoft|Apr 14, 2021

Linux support for Apple's M1 in June

Apple|Apr 13, 2021

Do you need a washing machine for your earplugs?

IT|Apr 12, 2021

Secret FBI agent reveals bomb plots to paralyze internet

General|Apr 11, 2021

Apple gets ready to launch its Find My ecosystem (updated)

Apple|Apr 10, 2021

2 colossal Chrome OS changes to keep an eye on

Google|Apr 9, 2021

YouTube to share how often someone watches "offensive content"

IT|Apr 8, 2021