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Now the top game is free for Playstation 4

IT|Apr 21, 2021

As early as March 18, Sony revealed that they were giving away Horizon: Zero Dawn, a real AAA game for PS4 that was launched in 2017. [more]


Now they have started the work of making Windows 10 new

Microsoft|Mar 26, 2021

Windows 10 Insider Preview version 21343 reveals the first signs that Microsoft is preparing for a major design overhaul of the OS. [more]


Sony shuts down Playstation stores

General|Mar 23, 2021

Sony will close the PS3 (2006), PS Vita (2011), and PSP (2004) game stores online. It reports TheGamer. [more]


That's why Valve and these gaming companies received an EU fine

General|Jan 22, 2021

The EU has fined Valve and a number of gaming companies for practicing location barriers. [more]


You never guess what he's playing Doom on here

General|Sep 10, 2020

This year's perhaps weirdest mod is weirder than you first thought. [more]


This is how it went when they launched Flight Simulator on Steam: forgot the files

General|Aug 19, 2020

But the game, it is referred to as a masterpiece. [more]


We've been waiting for years for this Xbox enhancement

General|Aug 4, 2020

This is how the new game store on Xbox Series X will be. [more]


Steam code hints for Stadia competitor

General|Nov 8, 2019

"Steam Cloud Gaming". [more]

Do you see which PC this should represent?

General|Aug 1, 2019

Greet the world's smallest "gaming machine". [more]

The classic on the way: The Sega Genesis Mini comes with 40 games

General|Apr 3, 2019

Launch in September - more games are confirmed. [more]

Epic Games feel threatened - tempt with free Battle Pass

General|Feb 19, 2019

"Apex Legends" has become the first choice of streams. [more]

This graphics adjustment causes DICE to look red

IT|Jan 27, 2019

Banned Battlefield 5 players but is it cheating? Unfortunately, there are many who resort to any means to gain an advantage over others in online gaming, and this example is one of the many we have had over the years where the situation ends up in a gray zone because the game developer... [more]

Check out the new "Black Ops 4" maps!

General|Nov 30, 2018

We know them from before. Earlier this week, a new update to Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has been reported with a number of enhancements to PC and Xbox One, but it does not end there. [more]


Google: Drastic redesign of Pixel 6

Google|May 16, 2021

Fancy AirPods 3? They may arrive May 18 along with Apple Music HiFi

Apple|May 15, 2021

Claims Samsung's own laptop CPU is on its way

General|May 14, 2021

This is the new standard from the giga companies: "Matter"

IT|May 13, 2021

Facebook will make sure you do not share articles until you have read them

General|May 12, 2021

Worst cyberattack in US history. The virus does not affect Russian computers

IT|May 11, 2021

Google took revenge when Roku threw YouTube out

Google|May 10, 2021

There is no VIP list of developers in the App Store, says Apple

Apple|May 9, 2021

Firmware vulnerability affects "millions" of PCs

IT|May 8, 2021

They have not changed these Windows icons since 1995, but NOW it's happening - change font to new version

Microsoft|May 7, 2021

Can stolen AirTags be reset?

Apple|May 6, 2021

Flash is not gone yet, but it will happen in July

General|May 5, 2021

The fight against Steam gets the steam up

IT|May 4, 2021

EU gives Spotify right: App Store breaks competition rules

IT|May 3, 2021

Bluetooth is now easier and AirPods better in Windows 10

IT|May 2, 2021