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Chrome will soon help you avoid dangerous browser extensions

Google|Jun 5, 2021

Google is continuing its efforts to make Chrome more secure and will soon launch two new features in the popular browser. [more]


Top web browsers 2020: Chrome takes a punch, Firefox stays alive

IT|Oct 6, 2020

September wasn't a good month for Google's Chrome browser, which saw a decline in user share; Microsoft's Edge, however, won over some converts. [more]


Top web browsers 2020: Firefox, IE, Chrome all fall

IT|Sep 3, 2020

Firefox took the biggest market-share hit in August as Mozilla’s financial woes continue. [more]


Numerous Malicious Photo Blur Apps Appeared On Play Store

Google|Aug 3, 2020

Researchers spotted numerous malicious photo blur apps targeting Android users. These apps actually constituted a dedicated campaign targeting users with adware. While Google removed the apps, make sure you don’t have them on your devices too. [more]


Apple and Google to release Coronavirus API despite privacy concerns

IT|May 20, 2020

Tech giants, Google and Apple to release Coronavirus contact-tracing API [more]

Chromecast can be quite different very soon

Google|May 9, 2020

Become part of the Nest brand, but that's not all. [more]


Critical Vulnerability Discovered in Chrome, Users Should Upgrade to Chrome 81

Google|Apr 24, 2020

Heads up, Chrome users! A critical vulnerability exists in the Chrome browser that poses a security risk to users. Fortunately, Google has patched the bug before it could be exploited in the wild. Make sure to upgrade your devices to Google Chrome 81. [more]


Tekya Malware Targets 1 Million Android Users Through Malicious Apps On Play Store

Google|Apr 2, 2020

While Google employs some tough policies for app developers to keep the Play Store safe, yet it never remains so. Once again, criminal hackers managed to ditch Google’s policies and flood the Play Store with malicious Android apps. This time, they target users with Tekya malware... [more]


It was never okay for Google to do this to Edge surfers

Google|Mar 10, 2020

And now they end it. [more]


Now this Gmail feature is getting better

Google|Feb 25, 2020

Easier to find what you're looking for. [more]


Apple wants you to not have to do this manually

General|Feb 2, 2020

Now there is probably a new standardized solution. [more]


New Android Trojan Kills Play Protect And Places Fake App Reviews From Infected Devices

Google|Jan 15, 2020

A new Android Trojan now threatens smartphone users. The Shopper.a Android Trojan kills Play Protect and lets the attackers place fake app reviews from infected devices. [more]


Google resumes the roll-out of Chrome 79 on Android

Google|Dec 19, 2019

- We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. [more]


The Chrome 79 update on Android is destroying apps

Google|Dec 17, 2019

Google has applied the emergency brake and stopped the rollout. [more]


Are you afraid to walk alone in the dark? Now Google will help you

Google|Dec 8, 2019

Many have wanted this feature. [more]


Confirms 12GB RAM

Google|Nov 27, 2019

Same as Note10 +. [more]


Gmail, Google Drive and Calendar come to

Google|Nov 21, 2019

Some have access already. [more]


More Adware-Delivering Android Games And Camera Apps Removed From Google Play Store

General|Nov 11, 2019

Researchers have discovered more malicious Android apps on the Play Store. They specifically noticed numerous adware-delivering Android games and camera apps that evaded Play Protect. [more]

Severe Android hole discovered - these phones are affected

Google|Oct 10, 2019

Both Huawei, Samsung and Pixel phones are on the list. [more]


Banning Office 365 from German schools

Microsoft|Jul 24, 2019

Neither can I use Google Docs or iWork. [more]


Now you don't have to sync anything - Chrome fills in the details for you

General|Jul 4, 2019

It becomes easier to shop in the browser. [more]

Google Maps shows you the way out of disaster areas

Google|Jun 8, 2019

More news in the notification system. [more]

Google saved passwords in plain text for 14 years

Google|May 24, 2019

Not sure how many people are affected. [more]

Did you buy this one? Now they shell out for problematic microphones

Google|May 18, 2019

Up to 4000 (!) For each case of error. [more]

Google works with foldable Pixel

General|May 11, 2019

Have already worked with prototypes in secret. [more]

Now you do not have to do this manually

Google|May 6, 2019

Finally, this can be deleted automatically. [more]

Google tests system updates through the Play Store

Google|Apr 22, 2019

Can this help Android updates come faster? Rumor has it that future Android updates will be delivered through Google Play. Now there are several signs that indicate this is true. [more]

Google doesn't want you to do this

Google|Apr 7, 2019

Now you need to allow unauthorized sources every time in Android Q. [more]

New Edge may support Internet Explorer pages

IT|Apr 1, 2019

A backward compatibility feature. [more]

Working hard to preserve all public posts on Google+

Google|Mar 20, 2019

Now it will not be long. [more]

Check what's added to the alarm application on Android

Google|Mar 7, 2019

Now YouTube Music and Pandora can wake you up. [more]

With this feature, Google is several years behind Safari and Firefox

General|Mar 5, 2019

But Chrome finally gets it. [more]

Google Chrome 72: Deprecates TLS 1.0 And 1.1

Google|Feb 15, 2019

Google has rolled out the latest version of its Chrome browser for all compatible operating systems. The new Google Chrome 72 release holds significance as it brings major updates with it. Not only it fixes tens of security vulnerabilities but also deprecates TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1. [more]

Apple blocked Google from developing iPhone apps - Facebook has also regained access

Apple|Feb 5, 2019

Preliminary agreement between the companies. The Verge may report that Apple has now blocked Google from using their Enterprise app certificates. [more]

Google News can disappear from Europe because the company won't pay for news

Google|Jan 26, 2019

The EU wants the newspapers to get paid. Google's news service, News, may disappear in Europe. [more]

Google gets a fine of almost half a billion

Google|Jan 24, 2019

Not informed users well enough about data collection. Recently, we wrote about an Austrian privacy activist who has filed a number of major technology actors for violations of the GDPR. [more]

Have you got weird recommendations on YouTube in recent months?

General|Jan 12, 2019

Now the problem must be fixed. Reddit users have in recent months expressed the frustration of YouTube's way of displaying video recommendations - where these videos are often irrelevant to the user. [more]

Next Android can be full dark

Google|Jan 10, 2019

Confirmed well on the way that the mode comes to Android Q. Google admits that dark apps have several benefits, including providing better battery life. We have already known for a while that the company is working to expand support for such apps - an increasing number of Android apps... [more]

It's confirmed - dark mode for Google Chrome on Windows 10

Google|Jan 3, 2019

It's already confirmed for Mac OS Mojave. We wrote not many weeks ago that Google has been working with a dark mode of its browser for Mac OS Mojave and at the same time hoping for similar efforts from the company to do the same for Windows 10. [more]

Approaching the end of Hangouts

Google|Dec 7, 2018

Google takes care of the chat service by 2020. According to sources familiar with Google's plans, Hangouts days will soon be spoken. There are 9to5Google who report this. [more]

Now these location-based notifications will end on Android

General|Nov 1, 2018

And yes, if you thought spam was the reason, you're absolutely right. On Android, you can receive notifications with tips and offers if you are near anything, such as a restaurant or museum. [more]

See where Spotify is to find now

General|Oct 6, 2018

Integrated into Google Maps. Now you can easily control the music that flows from Spotify in Google Maps. [more]


Download Windows 11 here

Microsoft|Jun 18, 2021

Sony promises big Playstation 5 update - has launched beta program

General|Jun 18, 2021

OnePlus becomes part of Oppo

General|Jun 17, 2021

Apple has launched Beats Studio Buds: cheaper than AirPods Pro and with Atmos and "Spatial Audio"

Apple|Jun 16, 2021

The inventor of the graphite anode: What Tesla can do in 70 minutes, we do in ten minutes

General|Jun 15, 2021

Microsoft will not support Windows 10 after 2025

Microsoft|Jun 14, 2021

New AI: Artificial intelligence on a par with the brain

IT|Jun 13, 2021

Mozilla skeptical: Google wants to end third-party cookies

Google|Jun 12, 2021

Launches iOS 4 as an app

Apple|Jun 11, 2021

New updates for Windows 10 are being rolled out

Microsoft|Jun 10, 2021

Apple is not done with Intel: planning Mac Pro upgrade

Apple|Jun 9, 2021

Jeff Bezos joins space himself

General|Jun 8, 2021

Here are the first screenshots from Battlefield - Norwegian revealed encrypted message

General|Jun 7, 2021

They work together! Google, Apple, Microsoft and Mozilla will standardize browser extensions

IT|Jun 6, 2021

Chrome will soon help you avoid dangerous browser extensions

Google|Jun 5, 2021