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Topic How is everyone's day?
Started by [email protected] May 17 2019, 22:08
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Topic I'm better than you all because I posted first.
Started by [email protected] Nov 12 2018, 00:55
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Microsoft offers workaround to mitigate the IE Scripting Engine Memory Corruption Vulnerability


Jan 19, 2020 | Category: Microsoft | Comments

Clément Lecigne of Google’s Threat Analysis Group reported about an IE vulnerability that allowed remote execution of code via Internet Explorer.

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Steam on the way to Chromebooks, but is there any point?


Jan 18, 2020 | Category: General | Comments

Google works with Valve.

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Emotet Malware Targeted United Nations Via Phishing Attack


Jan 17, 2020 | Category: General | Comments

As reported, a phishing attack targeted United Nations with Emotet malware. The dedicated email phishing campaign targeted 600 UN email addresses.

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