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Windows 10 keeps installing the same update


Jul 3, 2016 | Category: Microsoft | Comments

If Microsoft Update or Windows Update keeps offering or installing the same update over and over in in Windows 10/8/7, then this post suggest a few things you could try to fix the issue.

This usually happens if some update has not installed properly, and your Windows operating system is unable to detect the installed or partially installed update. In this scenario, it feels that your system requires the update and so keeps installing it over and over again.

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Google adds built-in Cast option to Chrome for desktop


Jul 3, 2016 | Category: Google | Comments

The bad news is that it's not available for everyone yet.

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[Tønsberg] To båtførere tatt for promillekjøring


Jul 3, 2016 | Category: Lokale nyheter [Vestfold] | Comments

Ble stoppet i Kanalen.

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