Treasure Hunter Staff

  Name Rank What do they do?
Henry aka HenryDev Owner Henry is the creator of the game.
Mirrors Developer Mirrors is a builder for the game.
Master3395 Head Mod Master moderates the moderators, game and discord server. He also is the go to guy for bot support within the discord.
FierceByte Head Mod FierceByte worked alongside Henry to create Buccaneers.
oriiaana Game Mod Oriiaana moderates the game and discord server. She also updates the THS wiki page.
Dr_Piranha Game Mod Dr_Piranha moderates the game and discord server.
Mr_Waffles1337 Game Mod Mr_Waffles1337 moderates the game and discord server.
Hero_Ravensong Game Mod

Hero_Ravensong moderates the game and discord server.

YouFoundOwnership Game Mod YouFoundOwnership moderates the game and discord server.
ChristinaDeCat Game Mod ChristinaDeCat moderates the game and discord server.
Cowsahhhhh Game Mod Cowsahhhhh moderates the game and discord server.

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Battlefield 1's launch maps, modes and campaign details leak through closed alpha


Jul 4, 2016 | Category: IT | Comments

Battlefield 1 has been extensively data-mined during the closed alpha that is currently running for a select few players, revealing what would seem to be every major detail about DICE's forthcoming period shooter.

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[Holmestrand] Alle felt på nye Skjeggestad åpner


Jul 4, 2016 | Category: Lokale nyheter [Vestfold] | Comments

Den nye Skjeggestad bru på E18 ved Holmestrand åpnes mandag av samferdselsminister Ketil Solvik-Olsen (Frp).

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The Ultimate VPN Comparison Chart Featuring More Than 100 VPN Services


Jul 3, 2016 | Category: IT | Comments

Selecting the right VPN service to fulfill your needs is a monumental task. Keeping in mind the same, a Reddit user has made a massive VPN comparison chart that features 111 services at the moment. The chart compares these services on various parameters like privacy, data logging, pricing etc.

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