News Targeted Bot Help

NewsTargeted Bot Help:

Outputs the help command, for the bot.

⚙ - Config


**Token system**

[Let's you reedem a token, to enable Premium features.]


???? - Image


✨ - Miscellaneous



[makes a server invite, non exprie.]

[Makes a link, you can use to invite the bot to your server.]

[Basic Server information.]

[Let's you see your upload and download speed.]

**Discord Verification system**
[Verify your discord account.]

Roblox Verification system

[Verify your roblox account.]

[Show what accounts, you have verified using roblox verify command.]

`@Treasure Hunter#6420`
[Will show a emoji, on mention.]
[Let's you make a poll, with options (emojis) A, B, C, and D]
[Let's you make a poll, with options (Yes & No]

Dig Sand Minigame.

[Let's you dig between 1 and 10 sand piles.]
[Let's you see your Sand and Tool total.]
[Let's you see the items you may purchase]
[Let's you see the leaderboard between 1 - 30 users.]

Heist Minigame.

[Will show you what to do next.]

[Let's you see a random penguin.]
[Let's you see a random cat.]
[Let's you see a random Bird.]
[Let's you see a random Monkey.]
[Let's you see a random Dog.]
[Let's you see a random Dog fact.]

???? - Moderation

[Let's you change the bot's avatar.]

`Checkperms @username`
[Let's you check an users permissions.]
[Let's you see the bot's information.]
[Let's you clear messages, from 1 - 100 messages, each time.]
[Let's you clear an users messages, from 1 - 100 messages, each time.]


Channel Commands.

[Let's you lock the channel for x minutes.]

Toggle Commands.

[Let's you toggle commands.] (all commands is being converted.)
[Toggles the 2 message anti spam checking on and off.]

Logging Systems.

[Toggles all Loggs]
[Shows what is active on the log system]
[Shows who got mentioned and what message]

Slow mode system.



`inviteinfo [@player] or inviteinfo`
[To check a player's invites]
[Clear a player's invites (Requires manage server permission to use)]
[Players with the most invites]
`invitelk [invite code/invite link]`
[Gives information about the invite]
`playerinvite [@player]`
[Shows what invite the player used to join the server.]

Dig Sand Minigame.


???? - Premium

You can Rent/buy Premium here:

[Let's you test if the server got premium.]

Fun Commands

[Post's a random emoji in the chat.]

`rip @username`
[Let's you do a fun Rip command.]

`roblox @username`
[Let's you check userinfo from roblox.]

[Let's you see your own permissions, in the server.]

`roblox @username`
[Let's you search roblox, for a username.]

`Remindme 1 minute`
[Let's you set a reminder, for your self, in x minutes.]

[Let's you get random facts, from the world!]

[Let's you get the status of discord.]

[Let's you see your own permissions, in the server.]

[Let's you get the latest weather, for your country, state, city.]


[Let's you set the server's prefix.]

`Say #channel Text`
[Let's you send an message, for the bot, in a channel, you want.]

[Let's you create a category and channels, showing live updates, on members.]

[Let's you create a emoji that is reactable, that gives x role to the user reacting.


[Let's the bot post a list of all the emojis added to the server.]

Dig System

`SetSand` **Disabled until security bug, is fixed**
[Let's you set sand, of a specific user, if you're an Administrator.]

 ???? - Music

These music commands, is currently disable.

`Play Song name or youtube url`
[you can set easy the volume of any song played with the bot vol 1-9999999]

???? - Ticket

[Create a ticket.]

[Close a ticket after 15 minutes without a reply.]

[Force Close a ticket, on command. (Administrator permission only)]

[users to the command. example on name: Username#0000]

[Keeps the chat as actie (needs Message manage permission)]

[Marks the ticket as inactive, and makes it become deleted after a while (Manage message permission required)]

[Makes the ticket visible only to Managers (administrators).]

[Sets up the support system, for the server. (Requires Administrator/Owner)]

???? - Server-Owner

[Let's you toggle commands.]

???? - Bot-Owner

Non of you're buisness!

You may join our support discord in order to get more help.

Use the link here.


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