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This is Razers new gaming laptop to 3800.00 USD. Real GeForce GTX 1080 and 4K screen


Oct 22, 2016 | Category: IT | Comments

lightning fast
Razer splurge in other words, and has released the Razer Blade Pro, one 17.3 inches

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Half Of The Internet Is Down Right Now, Here’s Why


Oct 21, 2016 | Category: IT | Comments

Dyn DNS is facing a massive DDoS attack that’s resulting in a widespread service outage. Many websites are facing partial or complete downtime. While Dyn DNS continues to face the DDoS attack, the forces behind the same remain unknown.

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Fuze Cases: Bringing Back the Audio Jack


Sep 30, 2016 | Category: Apple | Comments

Fuze is the first iPhone 7 case with an integrated Lightning to 3.5mm audio jack adapter

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