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New Tool Downloads Any Netflix Video Instantly


Dec 29, 2016 | Category: General | Comments

There's a new tool on the market that offers something many people have been desperately looking for. With 'Free Netflix Downloader' people can download videos from Netflix instantly, on Windows at least. The first of its kind tool appears to work surprisingly well, despite the lack of high definition video quality.

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Pirate Bay Blocking Case Heads Back to Court in Sweden


Dec 28, 2016 | Category: IT | Comments

In 2015, a coalition of copyright holders lost a court case which demanded an ISP blockade of The Pirate Bay in Sweden. A year later and Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner Music and Nordisk Film are back, hoping for a victory in a brand new court that could open the floodgates for widespread website blocking.

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Alphareign: DHT Search Engine Takes Public Torrents Private


Dec 27, 2016 | Category: IT | Comments

AlphaReign is a relatively new torrent site that populates its index through BitTorrent's 'trackerless' Distributed Hash Table. Unlike other sites with public torrents, people need an account to try it out. The operator hopes that this will limit the number of DMCA takedown requests served on the platform, among other things.

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