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Our 300th News post


Jan 6, 2017 | Category: General | Comments

We are happy to post our 300th post

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What Does The IP Address Really Mean? What Are Its Different Uses?


Jan 5, 2017 | Category: IT | Comments

he IP address signifies different uses at different places. Usually, it’s a non-routable meta address that’s not bound to any particular remote address. Dealing with servers, it means all IPv4 addresses in the local machine. In route entry’s context, it usually means the default route. In IPv6, IP address is represented by ::0 or just ::.

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Why Does The Computer Restart After Installing A Software Or Update?


Jan 4, 2017 | Category: Microsoft | Comments

It is normal for most people to restart their computer after installing a software or updating their system. A restart is required because the task of replacing files cannot be done when they are being used by the operating system or other applications.

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