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When was Roblox-Network.com created?

Roblox-Network.com was created 8. jan. 2014

When was NewsTargeted.com created?

NewsTargeted.com was created 2017-01-05 21:52:49 UTC

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Many users are reporting freezing problems with PCs running Windows 10 Anniversary Update


Aug 7, 2016 | Category: Microsoft | Comments

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update started rolling out just a few days ago, and while the response from users has been generally positive, many are reporting that their updated PCs have started to freeze randomly. Many users have been citing the same issue on a Reddit thread, and have been unable to reach a universal solution.

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The Plaza Beta


Aug 7, 2016 | Category: Roblox Game Review | Comments

A game review on The plaza; a game made on roblox by Widgeon

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Hackers arrested after stealing more than 30 Jeeps in Texas


Aug 6, 2016 | Category: IT | Comments

Over a six month period, a pair of hackers broke into and stole more than 30 vehicles in the Houston area.

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