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Samsung announces exchange program for Galaxy note 7 after defective batteries halt sales


Sep 3, 2016 | Category: General | Comments

After reports of the Galaxy Note 7 "exploding," Samsung halted shipments of the device in the company's home country.

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How To Create Undeletable Folder In Windows


Sep 2, 2016 | Category: IT | Comments

Just create a folder using a trick, put your some files and sub folders within the created folder, but what’s Next? No one can Delete/Rename that folder, untill or unless you command that folder to detele or rename.

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Mad Games


Sep 2, 2016 | Category: Roblox Game Review | Comments

Mad Games is a popular minigames style game created by Loleris, a well-known and arguably the largest developer on roblox. Mad Games is a serious of minigames which includes more classic style minigames such as mad murderer and minesweeper but other minigames such as sheriff madness, balloon burst, tile smasher, juggernaut, and angry cat.

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