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Google Mass Explorer Tool – Free Download


Nov 17, 2016 | Category: Google | Comments

Google Mass Explorer is a free automated robot for google search engine. It helps to make a google search, and parse the vulnerable targets result for a specific exploit you define.

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3 Simple Commands To Disable Forced Windows 10 Updates


Nov 16, 2016 | Category: Microsoft | Comments

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s most advanced operating system till date. Also, it brought along some irritating features that nobody asked for. One such feature is the forced Windows 10 updates. However, by running some simple commands, you can disable Windows 10 update services.

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Now you can Skype without account


Nov 15, 2016 | Category: IT | Comments

Microsoft makes the process easier.

Until now, users have been dependent to by creating a Skype or Microsoft account to talk to others on the popular service.

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