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What Is A Batch File In Windows? How To Create A Batch File?


Nov 27, 2016 | Category: Microsoft | Comments

In Windows, the batch file stores commands in a serial order to be used by the command line interpreter CMD as an input. In this article, I have mentioned the basic steps by which you can create a batch file of your own in order to automate tasks on your Windows machine.

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How to fix two OneDrive folders bug in Windows Explorer


Nov 26, 2016 | Category: Microsoft | Comments

Seeing two OneDrive folders? Here’s how to fix them.

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How to Delete Your Twitter Account


Nov 25, 2016 | Category: IT | Comments

Want to leave Twitter behind? You can permanently delete your account, erasing all your tweets, followers, favorites, and other data. It will vanish from Twitter almost immediately, and will be fully wiped from Twitter’s servers in 30 days.

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