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Steam no longer works on Windows XP and Vista


Jan 2, 2019 | Category: IT | Comments

Upgrade your operating system to continue playing.

Earlier this year, Valve announced that it will drop Steam support for both Windows XP and Vista as of January 1, 2019. Therefore, if you want to continue playing Steam games then you have to incentivize upgrading your computer to newer software.

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End of game stoppage in China - over 80 new games approved


Jan 1, 2019 | Category: IT | Comments

It took almost a year.

In March, it was known that China had "frozen" all launches of new games in the country. The background was the country's concerns about internet addiction, inappropriate content, and myopia (yes, indeed).

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Goof revealed Instagram change


Dec 30, 2018 | Category: IT | Comments

Soon you will sweep into the news feed.

Ever since Instagram was launched, users have navigated the app by scrolling down.

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iPhone gets USB C this year


Jan 19, 2019 | Category: Apple | Comments

And the new iPod Touch is actually underway.

If the rumors are true, the iPod Touch series will get a newcomer if not too long: Apple says, according to several sources, what is being the seventh generation of the iPod Touch that over the years has been loved by many.

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Microsoft's new OS revealed


Jan 18, 2019 | Category: Microsoft | Comments

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The countdown has started for Windows 7


Jan 17, 2019 | Category: Microsoft | Comments

Microsoft will stop free support by 2020.

It has been known for a long time that the official support for Windows 7 is nearing the end. January 14, 2020, is the date, then Microsoft will no longer provide free support to users of this OS and security updates will stop. You will still be able to use Windows 7, but in many ways, you will be left to yourself, at your own risk.

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