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Google’s VirusTotal Can Now Scan Your Firmware For Infection


Jul 1, 2016 | Category: Google | Comments

Google is in the process of adding a new anti-malware detection program in its online malware detection tool VirusTotal. It will be used for scanning BIOS for the legitimate programs installed on it. VirusTotal will also use machine learning to learn from the program behavior and hence finding out the malware.

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Google now helps you find your lost iPhone too


Jun 1, 2016 | Category: Google | Comments

Losing your phone sucks, so last year, Google added the ability to locate your Android device by just typing in ‘Find my phone’ into Search. Now you can do the same on iOS.

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Epic Games feel threatened - tempt with free Battle Pass


Feb 19, 2019 | Category: General | Comments

"Apex Legends" has become the first choice of streams.

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Say this five times to your iPhone, so take the night


Feb 18, 2019 | Category: Apple | Comments

The error is in the latest software.

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Now you can run Windows 10 on this one


Feb 17, 2019 | Category: IT | Comments

Pull out your Raspberry Pi.

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