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5G networks are going to be new standard in USA said Trump’s administration


Feb 16, 2018 | Category: General | Comments

National security directors in the Trump’s government are seeing at possibilities where the U.S. administration could take over a part of the nation’s mobile network as a way of defending against China, the News reported.

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Mark Zuckerberg to explore cryptocurrency and put power into people’s hands


Feb 14, 2018 | Category: General | Comments

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to look into using cryptocurrency and encryption to improve platform services

Last year saw Bitcoin emerge as the King of Cryptocurrency when it crossed $19,000 bringing joy to many of the cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The sudden surge of Bitcoin has even made the founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg think of exploring power the encryption and cryptocurrency.

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Now Spotify is on Discord


Feb 7, 2018 | Category: General | Comments

Music and gaming are a good thing.

"Today Spotify and Discord launch a brand new way of combining music with gaming. With the new collaboration, it becomes easier for a group to listen to music and share soundtracks that fit the gaming experience.

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Are you afraid to walk alone in the dark? Now Google will help you


Dec 8, 2019 | Category: Google | Comments

Many have wanted this feature.

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Nokia launches 4K Android TV for under 6000, only in India for now


Dec 7, 2019 | Category: General | Comments

We liked this one in Norwegian stores.

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Now Huawei has filed the lawsuit


Dec 6, 2019 | Category: General | Comments

Calling the authorities new sanctions "illegal".

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