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Samsung Customer Finds Simple Security Glitch That Allows Authentication Bypass in Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Reader


Oct 17, 2019 | Category: General | Comments

Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Reader Glitch A customer has found a security flaw with her Samsung phone.

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PayPal confirms - withdraws from Facebook's crypto project


Oct 13, 2019 | Category: General | Comments

Several companies should have got cold feet.

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WhatsApp Is Planning To Introduce ‘Disappearing Messages’ Soon


Oct 12, 2019 | Category: General | Comments

Whilst everyone may be familiar with the end-to-end encryption feature within WhatsApp, it now is stepping up to launch another tool. Reportedly, WhatsApp is working on ‘Disappearing Messages’ – a feature that will allow users to create self-destructing messages.

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Google Pixel 4 users dropped - now iPhone users get free full image storage


Oct 22, 2019 | Category: Google | Comments

Interesting development in the Google Photos case.

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These disks are no longer allowed to handle US nuclear weapons


Oct 21, 2019 | Category: General | Comments

2019 was the year when the defense upgraded to SSD.

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Blood Glucose Monitoring Devices


Oct 20, 2019 | Category: General | Comments

What does this test do? This is a test system for use at home or in health care settings to measure the amount of sugar (glucose) in your blood.

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