Nov 24, 2022 apple tesla apple music

Apple fans will like this for the Tesla

The car museum Petersen Museum in Los Angeles, California, has an interesting Tesla on display.

Easy access to Apple Music on Tesla is on the way
The interesting thing is that the car runs the Apple Music app in Tesla's OS, which has version number 2020.40.50.


The company has talked about integrating Apple's music streaming service for years, but it never happened.


At least we know there's a working app out there, and that Tesla is therefore beta-testing the feature internally.


May arrive in December
The question is whether they will open for open beta testing, or whether they will only launch the app in an upcoming update.


As Electrek points out, it's not unusual for Tesla to launch major updates in November (so far into the month without leaks?


Then we have more faith in a launch next month) or December, so this could be a small Christmas present for Tesla and Apple fans - there is certainly some overlap there.


This is what the app looks like:


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