Nov 14, 2022 google galaxy watch galaxy update

If they lose power, it's over and done with

Update R8xxXXU1GVI3 for Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic must be avoided at all costs.

Stay away from the GVI3 update
Because after the update, certain owners find that the clocks no longer start, which is a problem. There is a small "positive" catch here: the problem only occurs if the device switches off completely, i.e. runs out of power. Then they won't start at all.


It's worse in a way as you have to contact Samsung for help, so make sure they have a battery at all times.


If your clock is updated and turned off, you must do this
Samsung says it has stopped the update from rolling out to more customers and that an update is coming soon.


"We recommend affected customers to visit the nearest Samsung service store or to contact customer service."

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